Best 10 Modern Curtain Designs For Your Living Room
16 Feb-2019

Design The Windows In Your Home Better: A Style Guide On Curtains

Posted on February 16, 2019 Modern Curtain Designs
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Window designs can upgrade a home’s vitality effectiveness by using light and warmth. There are numerous sorts and structures of curtain shades which help in expanding the feel of the entryways or windows of your homes.

Not just in Kerala. But to have your own home is for sure, every individual’s dream. Especially in Kerala, if an individual secures a good job, then the next big thing along with settling in with his family is to get himself a “home” – a place which he built with his own hard earned money.

Now, just by getting a house; the structure, things do not just end. A good-looking home needs a well-decorated interior.

Sure there are several interior designers out there who can help. You can choose the best among them who can provide you the best low cost interior designs for homes.  But when its your home, for certain, you would already have had something in mind. So, have you really thought that the windows and the curtains on them can make a huge difference in the way the interior of your “dream home” will look? If not, then here it is, it can. In this write-up, we’ll take a tour on the best modern curtain designs for Kerala homes (or your dream home).

Windows are an essential part of every home. They help the fresh air and light get in while also providing a nice view with regards to the position of your house; both during the day and night. But Sometimes, when you don’t want too much of the light getting inside, you can use the curtains to regulate the amount of light coming in. Also, curtains give privacy for your home. Now, we all know these points. So what are the key points regarding curtains, that you should know about?

Firstly, the Curtain Style

Curtains are significant pieces of a room’s stylistic theme. A few people may not focus on these sorts, it is fundamental to understand that window curtains, and shades assume a significant role in a room’s appearance. Here are the main modern curtain designs for Kerala homes and their specifications for you.

The modern curtain designs for living room or the modern curtain designs for bedrooms, whichever they may be, there are mainly five curtain styles. Also get some DIY small apartment hacks.

1. Single Panel Curtains

In this type of curtain style, you could use one panel as the entire window treatment. The main benefit of this type of curtain style is that, you can select the exact number of panels.

2. Curtains with a Panel Pair

This style of curtains is also known as the double panel curtains. They have two curtain panels hanging on either side of the window. This is one of the most commonly used curtain styles. Also here are the tips to show how to choose paint colours for your home.

3. Curtain Panels with Valance

Curtains With a Panel Pair

When you install a curtain for your window, there surely will be some hardware that is visible clearly outside. The curtain panels with valance style are very often used to cover this hardware.

In this style a decorative item is added to hide the hardware, which not just covers the hardware, but also gives the curtains and the window and elegant look.

4. Cafe Curtains

In this style, the curtain is hung at the midpoint of the window and often provides a very nice mixture of light, privacy and view. The cafe curtain style most preferred for kitchen and is also sometimes installed in bathrooms.

5. Stacked Curtains

This is a layered floor-to-ceiling panel curtain style which includes the option to for both, heavy and light curtains. A widely used combination is a lace curtain which would give privacy, but at the same time allow most of the light to enter the room and the blackout panel which is usually a heavy one.

6. Roller Shades

A window covering should look great and be practical. Inside the most recent couple of years, roller conceals have made a pleasant rebound. The refreshed design gives clean appearances and top capacity. The plan adds surface to a window also. The latest design that covers and convey protection to your home. Likewise, it permits the natural light to get into the room.

Now, to consider the curtain length

1. Short Curtains

These curtains usually give a relaxed and casual feeling. They usually cover the window with its length covering the length of the window sill.

The cafe curtains are most popular example of short curtains.

2. Long Curtains

As the name suggests, the long curtains are more in length and give a more formal look to the room. Depending on their lengths, they are available in three different styles.

1. Brushing the Floor:

This type of long curtains, just touches the floor and are the best option for curtains that are made up of heavier fabrics like the velvets, lined cotton, etc. Here some of the best examples for laminated wooden flooring in Kerala.

2. Breaking the Floor:

These will have about an inch or two over the floor. If you are in search of a more relaxed a softer curtain for your rooms, then this is the best option.

3. Pooling at the Floor:

This type of long curtain is also called the puddle length. This a romantic style curtain that has more than two inches of the curtain pool on the floor.

There are several modern curtain designs for living room and bedrooms. And all of these can have a unique touch with your idea and color choices. Here in this write-up, some of the most basic points on curtains are discussed.

Choose the curtain length and style that will aptly match your expectations and the combine it with the color and material to form the modern curtain designs for bedrooms and living room.

If you need help, be sure to contact an interior designer, he or she will help you choose the best from the best modern curtain designs for your home in Kerala.

What to Consider When You are Selecting the Material and the Fabric?

After you have finalized with the curtain style and length, comes the next big task – the fabric which should adorn your window to complete the modern curtain designs for the living room or the modern curtain designs for the bedrooms.

1. Texture of the Fabric

Short CurtainsTexture of the Fabric

When you are going to select the texture of the fabric for your curtains, first consider the mood of the room – is it a formal space or do you want a more casual feel.

If it is a formal feel that you want, then consider heavy silk, silky rayon and cotton sateen. If it’s for a more casual feel, then the best fabric textures that work are cotton and cotton blends.

2. The Color of the Fabric

Decide on what look you want to go for first. Do you want the curtains to blend in with the decor or do you want it to pop out? If you want it to blend right in, then pick curtains that has the same color tone of that of the walls, but a few shades darker or so. A bold color will definitely stand out like an exclamation point. Who would help you in getting them installed and ready at your place?

Today, almost all services are available online and, home decor and interior designing should be no different. If you are looking a service provider who will not only choose the right modern curtain designs for your home, but also help you with its installation, then you only need to search online.

You will find several service providers who will help you with finding the best modern curtain designs for living room or the best modern curtain designs for bedrooms and will also help you with its installation. These people will be there with you one every step of the way so that your dream home will turn out to be perfect just the way you had it in your mind. Here are some summer decorating ideas for living room.

House renovation? Modern curtain designs can help your house look beautiful.

So, if your house is an old one and you are not planning on building a new one anytime soon, your best option will be to renovate it.

Now during your house renovation, if you enquire around, you will surely find a plan that fits under the low cost house construction methods in Kerala. Some of the best house renovation ideas in Kerala include painting the walls, changing or modifying the roofs, etc.

Did you know that by adding modern curtain designs, you could change the way the old rooms look and that you could give them a fresh new appeal? If you did not, then here it is – it can.

The above modern curtain designs for homes are the best option for your windows. On the off chance that you are searching for a speedy method to change a room, you may wish to attempt one of them. It is a simple method to refresh your home.

As said above, all the points do fit for this too. Find the ideal curtain style for your windows, then decide on its length and finally choose the material. You can then find a service provider who will help you with the installation and everything. Also read some apartment ceiling design ideas.

Do your own research, visit different homes of your friends, or watch television shows – there are plenty of them that focus on some of the well-built houses with modern designs and interiors.

Look and learn from them about the modern curtain designs that are used and are in the current trend. Then seek out the options on how you can get them incorporated at your home, the price, duration of the work and the number of people required for it, etc.

Then when you have everything aligned and settled, get the fabric and the required materials and get the curtain design style installed at your home. It is your home. Make it look beautiful; a place where you will not just live the rest of your life in, but create thousands of evergreen memories.

It is your dream home. Invest in it. It is never a waste. After all, shelter is one of the basic necessities of a human. And having the best one is essential. You build your dream home once. So build it to be the best; to stand out from the rest.

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