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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

  • Cancellation/ Refund Policy

Blocking can be canceled by sending just email communication. No other process is required. Repayment of the total blocking amount is assured without any deductions within a period of seven days from the date of intimation of not proceeding with the blocking.

•  Terms & Conditions

Online Blocking facility of flats for Website Visitors

Welcome to the Online Blocking Gateway of PVS Builders & Developers.

You can now pay only a blocking amount and express your interest to purchase a selected flat in any of our Apartment projects. You will get a few days to confirm your decision to go ahead or to withdraw from it without any loss.
Before opting for this scheme, please go through the Current Availability Chart of Flats in the concerned project displayed on our website. Kindly check and understand the name of the project, location of the project, floor number, flat number, total area of flat, room sizes, details of flooring, fixtures & fittings, etc provided in the Website. You can also collect further details, including the price of your interested flat and payment details from our sales personnel either through email or phone.
Online Blocking is only a preliminary step to choose a flat matching to your interest from the given chart and immediate blocking of the same in your name for a short period of time. The maximum blocking period of the above flat under this process is 30 days. Meanwhile, you are required to fulfill the required steps for the purchase of the above said flat unit.


1. The maximum blocking period of the selected flat is 30 days.
2. You are required to pay Rs.25,000/-(Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only)as Blocking Amount by online to the following bank account at the time of this online blocking. The online blocking will be effective only after our confirmation of the same after the amount is credited to the builders account.
3. We reserve the right to accept or reject any Online Blocking request. If your request is acceptable to us we will send you an intimation of acceptance to block the flat in your name along with a format of Application for Allotment of Flat containing total price and Schedule of Payment etc. In such a situation we will block this flat in your name. If your online blocking request is not acceptable to us, we will inform you the same at the earliest and return the amount paid by you without any deductions or interest.
4. On receipt of our intimation of acceptance you are required to submit the carefully filled Application for Allotment along with required advance amount towards booking. If you fail to remit the required advance amount within the above said period of 30 days, your online blocking will be automatically cancelled. In such a situation we will refund the above said Blocking Amount remitted by you for making the online blocking without any deductions. You will not be eligible to get any interest for this amount.
5. On receipt of Application for Allotment and required advance towards consideration, we will issue you the Letter of Allotment of flat. Along with this, we will forward to you the Sale Agreement that contains all details of our transaction.
6. You are required to make arrangements to execute and register the sale agreement at your cost.
7. You are liable to make the entire balance payment of consideration strictly as per the schedule of payment attached to the sale agreement.
8. As already stated, Online Blocking is only a preliminary stage which reflects your interest to purchase a flat. The contract of sale will take place only at the stage of remittance of the required advance amount and the issuance of a Letter of Allotment of Flat.

You can utilize this opportunity to block the flat of your choice for a short period of time and finish the other formalities to own the same without losing priority in your choice of flat.

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•  Price/ Cost Information
Price/cost details will be provided on request
•  Relationship between website & legal name 
PVS Builders & Developers is a registered partnership firm where in Mr. P.V. Gangadharan is the Managing Partner, Mrs. P.V. Hemalatha & P.V. Nidhish are the Partners. Its office is functioning at KTC Building, YMCA Road, Kozhikode 673 001.
Name of website –www.pvsbuilders.com,
Email id : info@pvsbuilders.com



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