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14 Dec-2016

Top 10 House Renovation Ideas In Kerala

Posted on December 14, 2016 house-renovation-ideas-in-Kerala
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If you own a house in Kerala and you’re toying with house renovation ideas in Kerala, then you should probably give it a shot; here’s why. A house property is a lifetime asset and its possession brings a feeling of accomplishment. Anything which is an asset deserves to get care. Hence, it stands inevitable that you take adequate care of your house that will make living pleasant and enjoyable.

House properties are different in its character from all the other assets that you can own. This is the only asset whose value rises with the passage of time; a reality of the real estate in Kerala. However, you have to take a few measures to ensure that the value of property gets retained and it rises with the passage of time. You can try your best ways to increase your home value.

In this context, it is especially relevant to state that the term “value” holds the reference to the financial as well as the aesthetic & emotional valuation. The paragraphs underneath will discuss top 10 old house renovation ideas in Kerala that will boost the value of your property in Kerala. These ideas are budget friendly too.

House Renovation Ideas in Kerala

1. Give a Makeover to the Front Yard

It gets said that the first impression is the lasting impression. With that said, the top home renovation ideas will include a suggestion for taking care of the appearance of the front yard. The front yard is the area between the main entrance to the property and the door of the building; an area very important to home in Kerala.

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Assume, you are about to sell the property, and a prospective buyer comes for the property inspection. The potential buyer will feel better if he/she sees the pavement is in the right condition and the plants are kept clean. In such instances, you can expect a better quote from the prospective buyer.

A well-maintained front yard gives a pleasant impression to the guests as well. Remember, the books always get judged by the appearance and the look of its covers. Thus, if you are planning for a house renovation, you cannot afford to forget the front yard of the property. Get some apartment balcony design ideas for your space.

2. Replace the HVAC/Furnace

HVAC/Furnace never gets equal attention as the other aspects of the property gets. However, once these mechanisms start to malfunction, living gets uncomfortable. Hence, if you are planning for a home improvement, keep an eye on the HVAC/Furnace as well. Get a thorough inspection conducted by experts and if they suggest, go for a replacement immediately. If you are using old Furnace or HVAC, go for an immediate change as an upgrade activity. The latest models are more effective, power-efficient and easier to handle. Hence, replacement of the outdated model will enable you to save a significant amount of money on operating costs.

You can expect for a higher valuation of your property when you keep the HVAC system and Furnace in the perfect running condition. Depending on the need, you might have to go for a partial or total replacement.

3. Add Attic Insulation to Your Property

In case the attic insulation is not kept in the perfect condition, more than 30% of the warm and comfortable air from the furnace will go out through the windows. This will significantly hamper the comfort and convenience of living on the property. Adding attic insulation is an upgrade activity, and you can accomplish the needful as DIY projects. The process requires minimum time and only a few inexpensive materials. However, it will be better to seek professional assistance to accomplish the task in flawless perfection. This is one of the important home renovation ideas that you should consider.

4. Light Up Your Space

It is evident that none would love to reside in a dark place. Hence, if you are looking for Home remodeling ideas, you need to check whether your space has the adequate lighting. This consideration will require detailing as the brightness and shade of the light will vary depending on each room.

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Starting with the courtyard, it must have necessary lighting arrangements, so that none finds difficulties in walking through the house. Moving inside, get bright lights for your living rooms. This is the place where you receive guests as well as spend the significant portion of the family time. Hence, your space should have a bright light that would enlighten your mood as well. For the bedrooms, you should go for soothing shades of light.

While picking the lights for the internal space, remember the shades of the walls influences the brightness of the light. Hence, you should balance between the intensity of the shade on the walls and that of the lights. In the ideal condition, these two should supplement and complement each other to make your space appear bright and appealing. You can also check out  Low Cost Interior Design For Homes In Kerala

5. Keep the Plumbing Up to Date

So far the basic framework of your property is concerned; plumbing is one of the most important aspects. Especially in the older properties where the plumbing framework is not kept well maintained, you will see water leaking out of the pipelines. It results in wastage of water resources as well as creates damp and cracks on the walls. This way your property loses a significant count of its actual valuation.

On the other hand, if the plumbing framework includes older, rusted pipes, the flakes of metals will get into the matter and will contaminate it. This is unsafe from the health perspectives. If you are planning to dispose of your property and the prospective buyer sees that the plumbing is in a terrible state, he will hardly have any interest left to invest in your property. Even if the buyer still decides to go for your property, obviously you will get a much lesser quote.

Hence, it is inevitably necessary to keep the plumbing property well maintained. Go for a thorough cleaning or replace the pipes partially/fully as and when required. You can check out tips for selling your home fast.

6. Replace the Laminated Floors with Real-Wood or Engineered Floors

Especially if you are living in a place that features severe cold, wooden floors are obvious options. Wooden floors accentuate the elegance of the home.

However, you need to ensure that the flooring involves engineered or actual wood. Stay away from the laminated flooring that tends to swell up within a short while. Since Kerala receives ample rain during the monsoons, the increased moisture content can worsen the situation.

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The swelling of the laminated floor often triggers accidents. In addition, even if the laminated floors are cheaper than real wood, the durability of the former in much less. Hence, the money you invest on laminated flooring goes for a toss. Take a look about the laminated wooden flooring in Kerala.

Hence, if your floors are laminated, you need to upgrade it to real-wood flooring on war footing basis. Replacement of the laminated floors with real wood will elevate the aesthetic as well as the materialistic valuation of your property.

7. Eliminate the Wood Panels

Do you have wood panels in the walls or along the floors of your house? If so, you need to replace it immediately. Wood panels had turned outdated and hence, it brings down the valuation of your property.

8. Give a Makeover to the Bathroom

A stylish, well-ventilated and clean bathroom elevates the valuation of the property manifold. Likewise, get the smart and stylish accessories and fixtures that will raise the aesthetic value. Remember, in a modern day home design, bathrooms get equal importance as that given to the living room or the bedrooms. Checkout and implement some eco-friendly house construction methods.

9. Renovate the Basement if Necessary

You go on loading the extra household items in the basement but, you hardly give any attention to this place. In the majority of the cases, property owners neglect the insulation of the basements and end up paying a heavy price.

Likewise, they even ignore the shortcoming in the electrical wiring of the basements. Remember, the valuation of the property can reduce significantly in such instances. Hence, if your basement has any of these shortcomings or flaws of any other types, apply suitable remedial measures. If you are about to renovate your property, you should include the basement in the list as well. Also consider the things to check before buying a property in Kerala.

10. Take Care of the Kitchen Layout Rather than Just Stuffing the Latest Gadgets

The kitchen is not merely the place for cooking food. Rather, it is one of the major areas for the family to hang around. Hence, the kitchen has to be in perfect state.

Ensure that there is sufficient place that will allow easy movement. Likewise, see that the electrical wiring and insulation is in the perfect condition. You should always emphasize on the perfect layout rather than stuff your kitchen with the latest gadgets and accessories.

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If your kitchen is large, you can use the additional area as dining space. Alternatively, you can use the extra space as the alternative living area. Some householders use the additional kitchen space like a library. This way you can use the available space to the optimal extent. All these alternative arrangements appear classy and aesthetic. Also read about how to compost in an apartment.

The old home renovation ideas in Kerala produce a far-reaching outcome, enhancing the financial and aesthetic value of your property. Most importantly, these ideas are cost-effective and easy to implement. Hence, you can execute these ideas without hassles or have to incur extravagant expenses.

In addition to the old house renovation ideas suggested above, you can find more by conducting online research. These steps will enable you to get a property that will get you the appreciation of the guests, visiting your house.

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