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13 Sep-2018

Top 11 Ways To Save Electricity In Your Home In Kerala

Posted on September 13, 2018 11 ways
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Electricity Saving Tips

How to reduce electricity bill in Kerala? It is integral to save electricity at home in the recent days. Using too much electricity can lead to massive electric bills and thus cost a huge cut off from the pocket. It is also believed to be one of the causes of global warming. Selecting appliances carefully, the right energy consumption habits and getting highly creative with household chores can assist in saving an ample amount of money.

Here are the top 11 ways to save electricity in your home in Kerala. Let us discuss the electricity saving tips.

Top 11 Ways to Save Electricity In Your Home

1. Making More Use Of Natural Lighting

natural lighting

Keeping blinds and curtains open is one of the well-renowned electricity saving tips. This will allow natural light to enter in your home. You can save ample amount of electricity in this way.

You should try using less light at day time until and unless you require focused and strong light for completing a particular task.

You should be setting play and work space of the family members in the brightest area of the house. Thus, everyone can do their work without relying too much on artificial lightning. You should make use of light colored blinds and curtains as window coverings in your home or apartments in Calicut.

2. Make Use Of Fewer Rooms For Hanging Out Or Doing Work For The Family

In lieu of spreading throughout the house, you should let family spend evening hours in two or fewer rooms. In this manner, you do not require lightning the whole house for enjoying the evening. You will also be able to spend quality time with every member of your family in this way. An Eco-friendly house construction that  can lead better and peaceful atmosphere.

3. Making Use Of Candles In Place Of Electric Lights A Fewer Time In A Week

 candle lights

You should be choosing a night or two every week for leaving lights off and lighting the way of a family with slow and sturdy burning candles casting a fair amount of time. You will be able to reduce electricity bills in this manner.

You should be making use of candle lights for lightening the rest of the house. You should be encouraging other family members to do the same.

You should, however, make sure that children are handling candles in a safe way. Implementing this is one of the best electricity saving tips.

4. Reconsider The Outdoor Lighting System

Reconsider the outdoor lighting system

Leaving path lights or porch light burning throughout the night can lead to a huge waste of electricity. Rethink whether having the lights on all night long is a prerequisite.

If the lights are switched on around the house for security reasons, you should give a try to automatic security lights along with motion detectors in lieu of using lights which stay on thoroughly.

Solar powered lights which charge at day time and emit pleasant and soft glow during night time can complement decorative lights. They are effective energy saving tips for your home. Nowadays solar power for apartments and buildings had brought a big relief for energy consumption.

If you make use of lights for the decoration during holidays, you should be flipping them off prior to going to bed, instead of leaving them throughout the night. Likewise,you can also rethink about your low cost interior design for homes in Kerala.

5. Making Use Of Light Bulbs That Are Energy Efficient

 light bulbs

You should be replacing all the incandescent bulbs with the aid of LED bulbs or CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs). Incandescent bulbs release an ample energy via heat instead of light.

The Newer style of the bulb is highly energy efficient. They assist in saving an ample amount of money and electricity over the time.

Compact fluorescent bulbs make use of only 1/4 the of the energy used by the incandescent bulbs. They come in a wide variety of style and shapes. You should make use to dispose of all of these bulbs in a proper way as they consist of mercury in inadequate amount.

LED bulbs are also known to cost more from the pocket in comparison to CFLs. However, they are of high durability and do not consist of mercury. LEDs are counted to be more efficient in comparison to compact fluorescent bulbs. LED bulbs come in dimmable variants and multicolor if you are willing to customize the environment. You can also read some of the important future home technologies.

6. Reduce Dependence On Appliances

Reduce dependence on appliances

You should find some ways to reduce your dependence on appliances. In cases, it might indicate spending additional time on specific chores. However, you will certainly end up saving a lot of money and energy.

You should be drying laundry on a clothesline in lieu of using a dryer. This helps in saving an ample amount of energy.

You should be filling dishwasher to the brim. Dishes can be washed by hand instead of depending on the dishwasher.

You should be sweeping in lieu of vacuuming. In case you have carpets you need to vacuum but clots of dirt and larger crumbs can be swept with the aid of a broom.

You should do all the baking in a single day of the week. Heating the oven need an ample amount of electricity.

7. Unplug Appliances

Unplug appliances

Electronics and appliances continue using electricity till they are plugged in. It is necessary to make a habit of unplugging these products as integral electricity saving tips for your home when not in use. This helps in saving an ample amount of energy at the time.

You should be powering down the computer and unplugging the same in case you are not using it. Computers are considered to be one of the primary reasons for an ample electric bill.

If you are willing to save an ample amount of energy in household purposes, you should unplug them after you finish off your work at night. In a similar manner, you should be unplugging sound systems, radios, and televisions. Leaving these appliances plugged throughout day and night may lead to a wastage of a lot of money and electricity.

You should not, however, forget to unplug smaller appliances such as phone chargers, hair dryers, toasters, coffee makers, etc. They make use of a smaller amount of energy, however, may add up over the time. You can also read basic electrical safety tips at home to let you can live, a secure and contented life.

8. Make Use Of Energy Efficient Models Instead Of Appliances

Make use of energy efficient models

Gone are the days when manufacturers do not use to pay much attention to the energy savings while manufacturing products.

The thing is conferred a requisite importance while designing larger appliances. A number of appliances have been designed to become highly energy efficient.

A number of them should be including settings which will let choosing using energy in a specific cycle. In case, you are planning to purchase an appliance, you should do some research for finding a model which do not make use of too much electricity.

9. Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling

An ample amount of electricity is required for heating water. It indicates you require more electricity if you use too much of hot water.

Using hot water in less amount on a regular basis is counted to be one of the important energy saving tips for conserving energy. You should begin with these  tips to save water.

You should be washing the clothes with cold water. Until and unless you are going to wash a lot of clothes that are soaked in the dirt, it is not mandatory to use hot water for washing them. To be precise, hot water can lead to wearing of the clothes at a faster rate.

You should be taking showers in lieu of baths. Filling bathtub needs gallons and gallons of hot water, whereas it requires much lesser while taking a shower. You should be taking a cooler shower.

You should reduce the temperature every time till you get used to the lukewarm temperature. Water heaters which are not insulated may consume an ample energy which is released from the heater in lieu of being used for heating water.

You should be ensuring the one which you have in insulated or you should be purchasing a newer model which is designed for conserving energy.

It is important to insulate the pipes in uninsulated and unheated areas of the home which include the basement. This is paramount in climates when winter temperature can go below freezing as uninsulated pipes may freeze and then burst owing to high priced repairs.

In case you do not have freezing winter, you should make sure to insulate the first 3 ft of the water pipes from water heater with an eye to reducing the loss of heat.

10. Insulating The House

Insulating the house

It is a must to ensure that your home is not releasing excessively heated air during the winter season or air conditioned air during the summer season.

In case there are cracks in window frames, under the door, in foundation or basement, there may be leakage of electricity. You should consult a contractor for inspecting your home for determining if additional insulation is a prerequisite.

You should be making use of door seals and caulk for sealing areas around door frame and window. You can also purchase plastic sheeting for covering windows during the winter season.

Though it is wonderful to keep the house cool and nice in the summer season. However, the comfort comes at a huge cut off from the pocket. It is recommended to switch off the air conditioner for a maximum time of the day. It should be used for cooling rooms when the heat becomes unbearable.

You should be using alternative methods instead for cooling yourself down when possible. You can take a cool shower at afternoon time. You should keep windows open and allow breeze coming in. You should be drinking an adequate amount of water and eat ice cubes for keeping cool. Get some information about the ways to increase property value.

11. Reduce The Usage Of Air Conditioner In The Summer

air conditioner

Yes, you have read it right! When summer is on the doorstep, we never think of switching off the air conditioner. But if you really wish to save electricity, act wisely. One of the best ways to save electricity in your home is to set thermostat temperature as high as your tolerate level. It is advised to set at 78° when you are home and higher when you are away or asleep.

We expect you to find this article as an effective ways to save electricity information.

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