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08 Jul-2019

Things to Know about Solar Power for Apartments

Posted on July 08, 2019 Solar Power for Apartment
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In these days the cost of electricity is increasing tremendously high. Electrical home appliances are playing a major role in the present days. This will automatically increase the cost of electricity. In many situations, a huge amount of our income is used for paying the electricity bills. If you are living in an apartment then you should be bothered about the amount of electricity consumed by your society, which will definitely be a huge amount. Also we have to ensure electrical safety. Here are some electrical safety tips at home for you.

If the apartment is having proper sunlight then using solar power is the best choice. Solar energy can save more than 40% of your power cost. Using solar power for apartments is the best solution to reduce the huge monthly expense of electricity.

The transmission and distribution loss is very low in them, along with that it won’t produce any pollution to the environment. Solar power had brought a big relief for energy consumption.

Why should I Use Solar Power

Why should I Use Solar Power

The burning electricity bills are making people choose solar systems.

Suitable for Indian Climates

You don’t need to worry about the climates here because India is a country that enjoys more than 300 sunny days with clear climate in a year and also receives required sunlight. Solar energies can use this sunlight and convert to electrical energy. Thus, it is the best place where solar panels can be used.

Cost Savings

You don’t need to get worried about the huge monthly electricity bills as you are getting one of the major advantages of solar power system here. In the case of the apartments, the entire apartment will consume a massive amount of power and due to this, a huge amount will be generated for paying the bill. This power system is capable of providing AC power to operate all systems and gadgets like light, television, air conditioners, refrigerators etc.Thus it reduces the cost of electricity bills.  Ways to save electricity in your home is an important factor to consider.

Will not Require any Additional Space

Don’t get tensed of the space as it requires only rooftop panels that can be fixed on all types of roofs. You don’t need to search for another land or space for installing the panels. These panels can also protect the roof of your building. Panels can be fixed on sliding roofs too.

Low Maintenance Cost

You don’t need to get worried about the cost of maintenance. Solar power systems are very cheap to maintain. Expensive replacement and regular maintenance are not required in solar systems. Panels should be cleaned regularly to avoid dust. Checking the wiring and other components will be done periodically by the company agents.


In this century people are following Eco-friendly ideas. People are raising capital to preserve the environment. The solar power system does not make any kind of pollution in the environment. By installing solar panels you are making a better impact on the environment. To setup indoor gardens for apartments is  another eco-friendly idea.

Government Supports

Government is providing major support for solar energy plantation. In fact, with a view to promoting electricity using solar panels Government of India launched Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in 2010. The government pays 30% of the fixation cost as a subsidy according to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

Benefits of Solar Power for Apartments in Calicut

Benefits of Solar Power for Apartments

Kerala is a place which receives ample sunlight. Solar panels use this sunlight and convert these to electricity.This power can be used to run electrical generators and all the appliances like lights, computers, television, air conditioners and many more.

An apartment has a number of families living in it. Each family will be using many appliances in their flats which automatically increases the electricity bill. If we sum up all the bills in an apartment then it will be a huge amount. To avoid this burning bills you can use solar power for apartments.

Most of the apartments in Calicut receives the required amount of sunlight.Thus opting solar panels is the best solution to cut down the electricity bills. Rooftop panels can be fixed in all types of roof, whether it is straight or sloping. Most apartments in Calicut have an open roof where you can fix the panels easily. So all the flats in Calicut can easily install the solar panels.

Things you should Know while Installing the Solar Panels

Things you should Know while Installing the Solar Panels

Mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline are the different types of panels used. You should ask your installer to explain about these panels before fixing them.

You should only approach a company which can be trusted for the future. The financial state of the company is an important factor. The manufacturer of the panels should be available for a minimum of 10-15 years.

Check out if the service team is available in your city for urgent services. In case of emergency services, they should able to reach you.

You should check if the company that you are going to deal with is registered. Try not to get trapped by fraud companies.

You should know how much power is consumed by your society before the installation. This can be checked by monthly electricity bills.

You need to find the best place for the installation of the solar panels. In most times rooftops are the best area as they open and get proper sunlight for producing electricity.Try to choose the area where the panels get plenty of sunlight.

It may cost an initial amount for the installation. So have a good discussion with all the families in the apartments.

What should I Check before Selecting the Provider for My Apartment

As you are investing an initial amount it’s necessary to check the background of the provider. You should search for the previous works of the provider. You should confirm that components meet current standards and check the quality of the works. You should ensure that the provider gives proper awareness of the technical requirements. Visit and see the previous works of the provider and check the quality of the work. Don’t get cheated by the fraud providers. There are many low cost interior design for homes in Kerala. Get more about this.

Thus using solar power for apartments is the best choice to overcome the monthly electric utility bills. By using this system we can create a good impact on the Ecosystem.

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