Guide on Vastu for Master Bedroom and Sleeping Positions
25 Jun-2019

Things to Know About Vastu for Master Bedroom

Posted on June 25, 2019
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A bedroom is the most special room in the whole house. It is where you can rest for a considerable length of time. With expanding style and structure people always uses special designs for their bedroom, individuals love to plan their home as indicated by their decision.

There is consistently the main room for the proprietors to stay. That is the master bedroom. There are Vastu tips for master bedrooms. To set up the main room as indicated by the guidelines of Vastu Shastra brings wellbeing, bliss, and riches in the house.

The exterior of a home can have modern amenities like a pool, gym and a beautiful backyard. Same goes with the interior of a house. Master bedroom is the most important room in your house as it reflects the personality of the house owner.

Designing the master bedroom according to Vastu Shastra can help the owner get a stable life. There are many low cost interior design for homes in Kerala and that are very easy to follow and implement.

Importance of Vastu

Traditional Hindu way of architecture in constructing a building is known as Vastu Shastra. Study of vastu for master bedroom gives the scientific explanation of everything.

It is believed when we construct a building, certain energies arise in each area or room. These energies can be negative or positive depending upon the architecture.

Vastu is a tested method which brings positive energy if applied correctly.

There’s a reason behind certain things being in a particular direction. All of these studies are included in Vastu Shastra, and thus, it helps to lead a happy life.

It is crucial to buying a flat or home built by vastu. You can get flats in Calicut because they know the importance of vastu. Many flats and apartments in Calicut available are made specifically Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.

You can prefer these flats in Kozhikode for rent, or they are also available for sale if you want. These residencies are equipped with modern amenities along with traditional wisdom of Vastu Shastra.

Vastu for Master Bedroom

Vastu for Master Bedroom

There are vastu for master bedroom. Certain directions that preferred for the master bedroom are South, Southwest, and West. Whereas bedrooms facing Northeast direction should not be used by elders.

Usually, the master bedroom should be occupied by married couples. North east direction is not considered as very beneficial for the bedroom so try to avoid planing your bedroom either in the North or East direction as it doesn’t bring any good. You can also make a look at the pooja room designs in apartments.

However, certain rules of vastu for master bedroom can change according to places, for example, the above rules don’t apply to countries like the UK, USA, and Australia.

If elders use a North East facing bedroom, then they can face health as well as a money problem. You can consider the North East in specific situations like having an open space in the northeast and having good scenery. Still, it is always better to consult a Vastu Shastra specialist before you plan the bedroom.

For a newly married couple, the south-west direction is best as a master bedroom. If you are giving your master bedroom to the kids for their study, then it is best to put it in the north east direction.

If the head of your family is a female member, then the master bedroom should be in the West direction. And lastly, north-west direction for a bedroom is suitable for a guest bedroom. Get ready for hosting overnight guests in your apartment.

Sleeping Position

The sleeping directions are important to improve the financial status and to run your work smoothly, to have the capacity to manage your family well and have stability in life. You can consider sleeping direction in vastu also. Good vastu sleeping position can bring you promotion in your work. It is always best to consult an experienced vastu master before you plan the design of your house. Get some small apartment decorating ideas on a budget.

South-East (Agneya)

Having your head on south-east will bring you sleeplessness, anxiety and sleep disorders. It can give you a short temper and cause your mental illness.

North-West (Vayavya)

Sleeping with your head in the direction of North West can bring you instability, unnecessary headaches and financial losses. There is a good chance you will feel a lot more stressed when you are working.

  • If you point your head towards south while sleeping, then you will have a sound sleep, no tension and improvement in health.
  • If you head towards the east, then there will be an immense improvement in your knowledge, and it will also be good for the child and working employees of the family.
  • Pointing the head towards the west can arise health problems.
  • Pointing the head towards the north can give you nightmares bad health and disturbance in sleep.

A Look Inside the Master Bedroom

A Look inside the Master Bedroom

  • Having a rectangular or square shaped bedroom brings prosperity.
  • Avoid having exposed beams right above your bed as it can bring health issues for everyone in that room.
  • Maintain a 4-inch distance between your bed and the voice also keep it away from the window.
  • If you have a dressing table in your master bedroom, then it should be at south-east or north-west corner.
  • You shouldn’t have any mirrors facing your bed directly as it is believed to emit negative energy.
  • If you have an indoor cooler inside your room, then it should be facing the direction south-east or north-west however if that couldn’t be possible then you should place it at east or north direction. But be cautious that the cooler doesn’t touch the walls.
  • When your master bedroom is in Southwest direction, then its flooring level should be higher than the rest of the room’s flooring.
  • Your personal bathroom should be at the southeast corner of the north-west corner. In some conditions you can place it at Southwest also. Position of a hanging wall clock is best suited towards east side and if it’s not possible, then go for the north direction.
  • For putting an air condition in your bedroom, the best direction is best or South. Also, take a look at the position of the windows at it affects the air conditioning of your room.
  • Best Colours for bedroom are light Rose, grey, blue, pink. Pink is preferred for married couples at is brings out love. There are some tips to choose paint colours for home.
  • Also, the master bedroom should be bigger than any other bedrooms in your house.
  • The bathroom should not be facing the bed directly, and its door should be is closed.
  • Electronic gadgets like television computers should be avoided in the master bedroom.
  • Avoid any real plants for aquarium in the bedroom.
  • It is recommended to have nice painting on the front wall so that any visitor can see it.

A person owning the master bedroom will have to bear the consequences of incompatibility with household members, quarrels and difficult relations with neighbourhood. Getting a bad name for no resident fault, the occurrence of gradual financial death and the big possibility to develop a tendency of getting shortcuts in life in matters of finance with leads to downfall in society. Checkout some apartment ceiling design ideas.

Let’s look at the number of directions that we consider while planning a house.

  • East direction
  • South direction
  • South-East direction
  • West direction
  • South-West direction
  • North direction
  • North-West direction
  • North-East direction

In each residential area like house villas for Bungalows, there are these eight directions. There is a centre place for brahmasthan whose area is restricted from building the master bedroom. A bedroom is different than a master bedroom. The master bedroom should be given to the owner of the house. The bedroom should be used by other members of the family, only not the owner.

The Best Position for Bedrooms

It is believed that the first thing you see just after you get up has an impact on your full day. Some people like to watch mirror just after they wake up to see how they look, some watch the family member’s pic, and some like to look at the scenery for the smiling face of a baby. First, you need to observe which among these gives you the most positive impact on your day and then you should consider looking at it every morning.

However, when houses are constructed according to vastu you will get positive vibes anyway still it is best to respect everyone’s thought.

South-West Master Bedroom

We know that the master bedroom is best for south-west direction, but sometimes it doesn’t give good effects as expected.

Vastu Shastra is vast, and nobody is dominant in this science. Certainly experienced masters can tell you all about Vastu Shastra, but there is a chance it won’t work. Still, the research is going on for unanswered questions in this area.

Master bedroom in the south-west can give leadership attributes. Owner of the house should always get this direction so that he can have the ability to control and manage his family.

West Direction for Master Bedroom

The second best option after the south-west direction is West for master bedroom. If the bedroom is in the West, then creating a slight decline or slope towards the north- east can help bring the best positive effects.

North Direction for Master Bedroom

North Direction for Master Bedroom

Generally, nobody recommends north direction for the master bedroom, but it can be alright for other family members, for example, young children. If your master bedroom is in the south-west, then you don’t have to worry about the ill effects of north direction. Other members can occupy this space for their bedroom.

Under the circumstances that your property does not have a south-west direction bedroom and only North-direction bedroom, then we must think about some placements.

If the north direction has a heavy open space than a bedroom there can be very suitable for inhabitants. Therefore many vastu consultants do not like to make the decisions over the phone, and they’re come over to observe the place. Many situations can affect the positive and negative energies of directions. So these are the main points to remember about the vastu for master bedrooms.

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