Top 6 Effective Pooja Room Designs in Apartments
12 Oct-2018

Top Tips For Pooja Room Designs in Apartments

Posted on October 12, 2018 Pooja Room Designs in Apartments
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In the present society of family units and little flats or apartments, individuals have no space to setup prayer room.  This has prompted development sought after for little instant pooja mandaps that can be held tight dividers or fitted into corners of rooms and hallways.

Regardless of whether you can’t get the perfect plan of particular pooja mandap there are numerous approaches to structure a tweaked pooja region in a little loft. Here are exquisite pooja room for apartments that can be fitted into a little space to carry otherworldly concordance into the house.

This is one of the most common puja room ideas in any city or state of India. Since living room is the place where the entire family comes together to spend time with each other, it is a great idea to make your puja room in there.

For all those people, who live in a small apartment or flat and cannot afford to make a separate puja room in the house, living room is the best alternative.

Also, as all the guests and people from outside the family come to meet you and sit in the living room, they will also get a clear glimpse of the puja room in the living room. Check out some of the tips for a low cost house construction methods in Kerala

You do not have to make it too grand. You can simply put a photo or a statue of the god or goddess whom you worship or follow mostly, as the main deity in your puja room or area. Along with that, you can have some other small statuettes or photos of other deities and your puja room will be complete. The décor for the puja room can be simple as well as grand, depending on your budget and preference. You can put just a central light and the décor would be complete.

The presence of pooja room in your home or apartment gives positive vibes. So while setting up or decorating a pooja room for apartments , you have to consider some points.

Let us discuss some of the pooja room designs in apartments here. These pooja room ideas are space saving.

1. A Corner or Alcove:

A corner or Alcove

One of the best pooja room designs for apartments or flats having small space ,is to use or utilize the corner that you do not know how to use. There are often corners in your living room or drawing room or any other part of your flat that would otherwise be wasted. You can simply turn that into an alcove and a puja room.

All that you need to do is make a tiny podium and then place the gods and goddesses on top of the podium and your puja room is ready. However, this looks good only when you keep things simple. The alcove puja rooms are not good for hosting too many gods and goddess statues or photos. This will make it look clumsy. Just place one major god or goddess or a pair of god and goddess and dedicate the puja room to them.

Also, another useful idea that must be mentioned here is that you can use this podium as a storage space for storing all your puja ingredients like candles, diyas and prayer books or incense sticks etc. Do not waste this space as with the puja room, the need to store the puja ingredients always comes in. They must be stored in a space where they will be untouched from the rest of things in the house.Wants more information on low cost interior designs for homes

2. Puja Place in Shelves:

When you are looking for pooja room designs for apartments or homes that are small and do not have much space in then, puja room in shelves is a great idea.

Just as you put show pieces and things of décor in shelves and utilize the corners of your rooms, you can choose a corner in one of your rooms and transform it into a puja place or room.

The best part of this idea is that when people cannot afford to make a podium and have to arrange the puja room in a really tiny space, rather than making the puja place elaborate and wide, you can expand it in height. Add 3 to 4 shelves in the corner. It is okay if the shelves are not too wide as you will be putting your deities in all these shelves.

The only thing that you have to make sure is that you do not make it too high. You must keep them within your reach. If you want to maintain the privacy of your puja room and do not want to make it open to the outsiders, you can arrange for curtains and hide the puja room from the eyes of the outsiders. Get some house renovation ideas in Kerala.

3. Puja Room in Cupboard:

Puja Room in Cupboard

Amongst the many modern pooja room designs, the most innovative one would be to transform a cupboard into a puja room.

There is sometimes only a wall in the flat or apartment where you can place either a chest of drawers or a cupboard and not too many other things.

However, for the puja room, you need a space where you can house all your gods and goddesses, their statues and photographs or all the other important things that you find precious and want to worship.

They especially require a wide and broad display platform. However, if you can arrange them in parallel shelves and put them neatly inside a cupboard, it would not take too much of space and still give you a separate praying area. In many flats in Calicut, you will find this new trend being adopted very well.

You can decorate the cupboard as you wish. Nowadays, many of the carpenters are making special puja cupboards where you can easily keep your deities and the cupboard will look like a temple from outside.

4. Separate Puja Room:

Another of the many pooja room ideas in living room would be to make a separate puja room right within your living room area. For this you will have to use a wooden wall or a false wall and give a corner of your living room the impression of a separate puja room.

You can add beautiful lights and nice tiles to decorate the puja room and give the prayer area a beautiful touch. The more carefully you make the puja room, the more beautiful it will turn out to be.

This is important as the prayer room is supposed to be the place that makes you calm, happy and peaceful. So, when you enter the puja room, you should be content with the place.

Glass covers, false ceiling, glass covers and marble finish tiles can transform any place into heaven nowadays. Go through the options and ask your builder to make these additions to your apartments in Kozhikode. There are some small apartment decorating ideas on a budget that will help you to create your dream home.

5. Puja Room in the Walls:

When you cannot find a suitable place in the house where you can actually make the puja room or if you believe in Vastu Shastra and it says the right place where you can make the puja room is occupied by a wall and you cannot remove the wall due to layout reasons, you can simply convert it into a prayer room.

However, this is possible only if the wall is thick enough. Sometimes the walls are thick and there are spaces for cabinets inside the walls. You can remove a section of the cabinets and create the puja room in there.

If you think that it will take away all of your store space from the cabinet, you can certainly keep as much of the cabinet as you want, right underneath the puja room.

Just make sure that you have ample space for the gods and goddesses in there and the rest you can use for your usual storage space. Also read apartment ceiling design ideas for your new space.

6. Floating Shelves on the Walls:

Floating Shelves on the Walls

Another similar idea for the prayer room using the walls of your flats in Calicut would be to place the photos or statues of your gods and goddesses on floating shelves on the walls. This is very useful when the walls are not thick enough to make a temple or transform a cabinet on the walls into your prayer room.

Do not make the shelves too thick. Make them just thick enough to hold the photos of the deities and statues of the deities. Uniformity is the key in this case and if all the photographs and the shelves are of the equal size, it will give a stunning appeal to your prayer room. Also checkout some apartment security tips.


These were just a few ideas on pooja room designs in apartments in Kozhikode. There are no fixed rules as to how you should make your prayer room. You are free to design them as you wish. Just make sure you keep it simple and clean. If your mind is pure, no apartment is too small to make a prayer room. You can certainly ask the home decorators and designers to give ideas about how you can utilize your apartment space and come up with a beautiful prayer room in your house.

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