11 Top Tips To Setup Indoor Gardens For Apartments In Kerala
07 Mar-2017

11 Top Tips To Setup Indoor Gardens For Apartments In Kerala

Posted on March 07, 2017
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Apartment Decoration

People these days, tries to be very innovative while decorating their apartments in Calicut. An apartment not only a place of residence, but also a place where they spend most of the time of the day. This matter is more so for the children, and housewives. So, keeping it beautiful in every possible way is the primary urgency for every household. For the same reason, the concept of indoor gardens for apartments has been taking a major place in various interior designing concepts. Experts in Kerala are creating mind-boggling apartment gardening ideas, and people at large in all parts of the state are accepting, and appreciating them whole heartedly. An indoor garden decoration in an apartment, irrespective of the height of the apartment, and area available for gardening, create a soothing and tranquil ambience that everybody desires.

The concept of indoor gardening

Plants that grow indoors are called houseplants. These plants can be reared within a residence, apartment, conservatory, or greenhouse. They are just perfect for indoor gardening, and experts could show different ways to take care of these plants. In fact, they require lesser care than the outdoor plants. These plants, like Amaryllis, Angel Wing Begonia, Areca Palm, Birds Nest Fern, Chinese Evergreen, Donkey’s tail, Coral Cactus, and House tree Leek, etc. can also change the air quality of the apartment by supplying more oxygen, and absorbing carbon dioxide.

Indoor gardens for apartments

Starting an indoor garden needs a little bit of planning depending on the space available, and how the owner could invest time. Depending on the space, lots of interior garden design ideas could be examined. The internet is a good source for getting those ideas and their images. However, one can also consult with an expert, and consult with the neighbors who are already rearing indoor plants.

The owner can start his indoor gardening with seed, and plants bought from a nursery. Nowadays, indoor gardening products are also available in supermarkets, and big stores. The owner needs to have in-depth knowledge on handling these sophisticated seeds and plants beforehand. He also needs to prepare the pots with the correct quantities of soil, manure, and medicines. Many enthusiastic apartment owners prefer to consult experts while preparing the soil.

At the same time, one needs to have patience and show regularity in maintaining and rearing the plants for a long time. Plants, and the surrounding areas require frequent attention from the owner. As these kinds of gardening concept take smaller areas within the apartments, there remains a chance of scattering of muddy dirt, and dry leaves in other parts of the apartment, which may not look good.

Tips for creating a lush green interior garden in a small space in any apartment

Keeping the apartment greeneries alive and healthy is a big challenge for the owners, as these plants require more rear and care than their natural soil grown counterparts. If your apartment lacks any open place like a balcony, you need to make a place suitable conditioner to keep the environment suitable for the plants. for pot plantation with artificial light, and air. You may also need to use appliances like a heater, exhaust fan, air

1. Selecting the right pots

Size and shape of the pot is an important factor to consider. In this concept of gardening, there remains a chance of retaining more moisturizer and water within the soil. If so happens, then the roots of the plant may be damaged. So, a pot shouldn’t too large or too small. The smaller shape pots may not allow the roots to grow smoothly. Pots for indoor garden designs are available in two forms, viz. porous, and non-porous. Porous pots are required for the plants that require regular water, and the cactus types of plants can be grown in non-porous pots.

2. Selecting the right plants

Selecting the right kinds of plants should be the top most priority in the indoor gardens for apartments. Since the space is short and the height is also limited, you can’t afford to plant everything recognized as indoor gardening plants. Almost, every type of cactus is suitable in any indoor environments, but choose the other types of plants only after thorough research. Plants like spider plants, coleus plants, jelly bean plants, and pony tail palms, etc. and flowering plants like different kinds of roses, marigolds, hibiscuses, etc. can be considered. Also you can try interior design within low cost budget.

3. Proper light is necessary

Light is the basic necessity of every plant. There are few interior gardening plants that require less light than the normal plants. But, the flowering plants, and fruit plants need sufficient light to grow normally. So, have a close inspection of the area where you are going to create your garden. Keep the window sides for the flowering plants, and the plants that are completely green. You can keep the cactus species in semi-dark areas without any problem. If the room or the place has very poor light condition, then artificial light is to be set-up for meeting daily needs of light of the plants.

4. Good air circulation

Just like lightening, sufficient air circulation in the room or the balcony is required to have a healthy growth of the plants. These plants perform photosynthesis to survive. In this process, they need an uninterrupted source of carbon dioxide. So, the area, which you have fixed for gardening needs to be airy enough; otherwise, make arrangement for artificially air. Similarly you can consider house renovation ideas.

5. Supportive temperature

Most of the indoor plants can grow comfortably in the room temperatures in Kerala, which vary from 25 degrees to 35 degree Celsius in summer. Cactus plants can withstand even in 45 degree Celsius. The flowering plants like roses, marigold, tuberose, etc. require much less temperature to grow normally.

6. Regular watering

This is the most important part of apartment gardening in Kerala. This part of the country remains comparatively humid in summer, and monsoon arrives much before the northern, and eastern parts of the country. The winter season is not very cold here. So, watering the homegrown plants need special knowledge; otherwise, the roots may be damaged, and the plants may die. Water the plants in small quantities, and twice daily. Water the pots in such a way that only the upper layers are drenched, and use water sprinkler every time you water them.  Cactus plants normally need no water for several days; so, water them once in a week. And you can also maintain a terrace garden in your apartment.

7. Applying perfect fertilizer

In the potted soil, the minerals in the soil deplete with time. So, applying fertilizers in small quantities once in a month is necessary. The best fertilizers for the homegrown plants are those, which contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in a 20-20-20 ratio. These days, various organic fertilizers are also available in the market. It is feasible to speak with the retailer before using them.

8. Keeping right quantities of soil

Nowadays, special potting soil is available which are just prepared by experts for indoor gardening. This soil can be obtained from the nurseries. If this is not available, you need to prepare the local soil for apartment gardening purpose. The process is easy, and you just need to collect local soil and make it free from unwanted dirt. Then you have to apply fertilizers to make it suitable for the plants. Mix some tiny pebbles with it before putting it in the pots.Here are some modern house interior design ideas.

9. Don’t shift the place frequently

Keeping the pots with plants in their place is mandatory. A plant gets adjusted to the surrounding environment, where it is placed. If you change its place randomly, then it may not be able to cope up with the random change of light, and air.

10. Maintain a perfect moisturizer level

This is related with the watering of the plants. Give water to the plants only when the upper surface of the soil looks pretty dry. Also, check the bottom of the pot, if it looks moistened enough, or water is coming out of the hole, then stop watering for a day or two. Too much moisturizer is not good for flowering plants. It is tough to judge the moisturizer level, but you will get to understand the matter within a few months.

11.  Trimming of plants

Last but not the least, take care of the physical aspects of a plant. Some plants in the indoor gardens for apartments are very sophisticated in nature, some proliferate naturally, while some require almost zero attention. You need to shed off the dry leaves, trim, and prune the branches, dig the soil, provide support to the plants depending on their condition, and nature.

If you can provide favorable weather, the potted plants will grow more sporadically than they grow in natural weather conditions. Plants with different types of leaves, flowers, and fruits look nice in an apartment. Space is really short in the apartments, where most of the city dwellers live in Kerala. A balcony with full of varying types of pots and plants look fabulous. It can change the whole ambience of the Kerala apartments. You just need to take care of the plants regularly, and provide them with necessary nourishment.

Top Tips To Setup Indoor Gardens For Apartments In Kerala

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