Top Future Home Technologies You Should Know in Advance
03 Jul-2023

Important Future Home Technologies You Should Know About

Posted on July 03, 2023 Future Home Technologies
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The way we live today is vastly different from the way the previous generation lived; we are already dependent on a multitude of gadgets for our daily tasks and activities. Even in our homes, we all use several appliances – to wash clothes and dishes, to prepare food, and to clean our homes; we also use devices already to share internet connections through WiFi, and so on. In fact, most flats in Calicut are likely to have Wifi routers; some may even have more advanced devices which have not yet become very common.

We have already seen a lot of this futuristic technology in movies – so it’s certainly not unimaginable. In fact, the thought that soon future home technologies may be commonplace in flats in Calicut is pretty exciting. To make your future home into a smart home then there are many  pros and cons of smart homes you must be known.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a residence equipped with smart home technologies that enable automation, control, and monitoring of various devices and systems. It utilizes internet-connected devices, sensors, and software to create a connected ecosystem within the home. These technologies allow homeowners to remotely control and manage functions like lighting, heating, security, entertainment, and appliances through smartphones or voice assistants. Smart home technologies include devices such as smart thermostats, voice-controlled assistants, automated lighting systems, security cameras, smart appliances, and energy monitoring devices. Smart home ideas have arisen to enhance convenience, comfort, security, energy efficiency, and overall quality of life for the residents.

Smart Home Features

  • Smart lighting: Using smart home technology, you can control and automate the lighting in your independent house. Adjust brightness, and color, and turn lights on or off remotely or through voice commands.
  • Smart security systems: Protect your independent house means with smart security systems, including smart cameras, door/window sensors, and motion detectors. 
  • Energy monitoring and management: Can easily monitor and optimize energy consumption in your independent house through smart energy monitoring devices. Track energy usage set energy-saving schedules, and receive insights to reduce utility costs.
  • Smart thermostats: Regulate the temperature in your independent house efficiently with smart thermostats. Control heating and cooling remotely, create customized schedules and save energy by adapting to your preferences and occupancy patterns.
  • Smart appliances: Enjoy the convenience of smart appliances such as smart refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and dishwashers. Monitor and control them remotely, receive notifications, and optimize their usage for better efficiency.
  • Smart door locks: Enhance security and convenience with smart door locks. Grant access to your independent house remotely, receive notifications about entry and monitor who enters and exits your home.
  • Home entertainment systems: Create an immersive home entertainment experience with smart home technology. These modern home technologies can control your audio and video systems, streaming services, and home theatre setup through voice commands or a smartphone app.
  • Home automation hubs: Integrate and control all smart home devices through a central automation hub. Connect devices from different manufacturers and manage them from a single interface, making your independent house truly smart and interconnected.

Let’s take a look at the future home technologies that are most likely to be part of our homes soon:

1. Automated Robots

Automated Robots

While we may not get a full-sized humanoid robot with all the features like we see in the movies, automated robots are already being used in homes today. There are robots that travel around inside your apartment and clean the floors. That is the current scenario. Recently, German scientists released the model of a robot that can pick up things, tidy up rooms, operate different appliances, and even serve drinks! The robot features an inbuilt sensor device that ensures that it does not clamp down on someone’s arm. You will be able to control it through a touchscreen that is embedded in it, and it also responds to voice commands. The robot can also be configured to react to programmed gestures. In the near future, we can expect more types of advanced robots being made and rolled out for domestic use.

2. Smart Appliances

We already have smartphones, smart watches, and smart TVs; we may soon see other appliances becoming smart as well, as we’re enjoying huge benefits from having these smart devices already. You may well have a refrigerator that you can control from your phone, and have it pour out a glass of cold water waiting for you when you get to the kitchen in your flat in Calicut! Already washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators feature inbuilt sensors and touchscreen displays, and some are even internet ready; this allows you to install apps directly on the appliance and use it from there.

With the advancement of AI technology, smart appliances may ‘learn’ your preferences, and increase convenience for you and make your life even easier. It needs to be mentioned here though, that this feature may make it easy for data mining companies to track what food you eat and what time, and so on.

3. Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Top builders in Calicut are already implementing improved lighting controls like dimmers, touchpad switches, and so on. But even that may soon become old school. Already it is possible to control lights in your apartment from your Smartphone or automated system. Smart thermostats are available today that allow you to turn on the lights inside your apartment and switch on your air conditioner as soon you’re back from a holiday, or a day away. You may soon be able to configure the system to switch on lights at different times of the day or night. Futuristic lighting controls are becoming more popular, and this technology may soon become the norm. Consider some low cost interior design for homes in Kerala.

4. Power Tracking or Energy Efficient Tech

Today, our vehicles are pretty smart; they tell us if a door isn’t closed properly, if we are running on reserve fuel, or if it needs an oil change. Why not an air conditioner that alerts you to change its air filter – or an energy system that sends an alarm if you’ve been careless, and your power consumption is going over budget?

Systems have already been unveiled in the West which can track the energy consumption of your apartment, the cost, and your carbon footprint by the minute – so that you can manage your power consumption better. These systems are capable of analyzing your current appliances and tell you if they are draining energy – so that you can upgrade to more energy efficient appliances. In the near future, we will see such systems with even more capabilities, and they may soon become a standard in modern flats in Calicut. Solar power for apartment had brought a big relief for energy consumption these days.

5. Smart Toilets

Smart Toilets

You may be taken by surprise, and think, toilets, really?? But smart toilets are already in the market – in Japan there are toilets that perform a urinalysis after you pee, and let you know if you have diabetes, or are a candidate for it! One of the main uses of smarter toilets is to keep the users healthy – no need to spend your precious time in going to the lab and presenting urine or stool samples. It is thought that in the future, these smart toilets will also be able to detect pregnancy by analyzing the urine, or colon cancer from stool analysis. Currently, there are toilets which feature automated deodorizers, flushing, and seat heating. Kohler already has an advanced smart toilet: it has a built-in foot warmer, automatic deodorizer, heated seat, air dryer, automated bidet, motion activated seat and cover, and a lit touchscreen panel that supports playback of MP3 music. So you can enjoy music while you’re doing your business!

6. Centralized Entertainment and Streaming Devices

DTH services today have become very expensive after the new regulations, and can be inconvenient too. Small wonder that streaming services like Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are becoming increasingly popular. Centralized streaming is one of the future home technologies that will take center stage soon. This will offer you and your guests, instant access to your digital entertainment. We’re talking about installation of closed ethernet networks in your apartment – you can soon say goodbye to overpriced DTH and cable.

It is also likely that you will be able to use almost all of your mobile devices as remote controls for your air conditioner, TV, etc., as the technology develops. Facial recognition is already being used in high security facilities – and it may soon be made available for domestic use. Sure as of now, we do have the technology of video cameras at our doors; but then we have to go and open the doors once we see who it is. In the future, we are likely to see automated entry for recognized faces, and prohibited entry for unrecognized ones. Already, engineers are working on systems that will immediately scan through criminal databases to identify a stranger, and send you alerts so that you can notify authorities. However, all this is still pretty much in the R and D stage, and it is not really known when and if this will actually become available for wide use domestically. But you can be sure that if it does hit the markets, the top builders in Calicut will make a beeline to get these systems implemented in their apartment buildings.

7. Closed and Private Networks

Closed and Private Networks

Gone are the days when everyone had one phone; today most of us have a couple of mobile phones, a tablet, a laptop, Smartwatch, and so on. If you have 4-5 people in your family with multiple devices – that’s a lot of devices in your home with internet connections. Then you have your home appliances, monitoring systems, and other tools and equipment. Future home technologies will include closed and private network access so that all these devices can be connected, and can communicate with one another. This means that the router of today may soon become obsolete. We may well see wireless devices that are auto installed in new homes, enabling them to be opened up to restricted or closed networks. Get some information about features to consider when building a new home.

This can be integrated with your home security system, which can be used with your private network. With facial recognition, as we saw earlier, you can enable keyless entry into your home or network. With a CCTV monitoring system, owners will be able to patch in remotely and check home status while they are away, and even be able to notify police if you notice something suspicious.

8. Increased Voice Control

Some of you may already be using digital assistants like Siri an Alexa – imagine using voice controls in your home to control the lighting, open doors, cook food, and more! There are endless possibilities. You can also read the best ways to increase your home value.

9. Robotic Kitchen

Robotic Kitchen

Sure, those of you who love to cook may not really be looking forward to this one. But already there is ‘Moley’, the famous robotic chef that can whip up your favorite dishes with half the mess, and double the speed. The Robot comes with a compact and beautiful kitchen, and you can upload your favorite recipes in the system. This will be of great help to people who are too busy to cook.

Check out our blog regarding apartment security tips to learn more about securing your house.

10. Energy Management System

Energy management systems are instrumental in adopting sustainable and eco-friendly technologies. This smart home technology includes intelligent thermostats and energy monitoring to optimize energy consumption in buildings and homes. These systems enable users to monitor and control their energy usage in real-time, identifying areas for improvement and reducing wastage. Furthermore, energy management systems facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, into the grid. 

By incorporating clean energy generation, these systems help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and decrease carbon emissions. They enable efficient utilization of renewable energy, maximizing its potential and contributing to a greener and more sustainable energy mix for future homes.

How many of these future home technologies would you like to see in flats in Calicut? Do let us know in the comments box below. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful. Do share this article with your friends and family as well.

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