Kerala Land Registration: Complete Guide To Property Registration
27 May-2021

A Step By Step Guide To Kerala Land Registration

Posted on May 27, 2021 A step by step Guide to Kerala Land registration
by pvs_admin
Kerala Real Estate

Owning a property is one of the biggest achievements. Having a home is a desire that everybody has. And if you can get that in a dream location like Kerela, then what more you would desire for? A lovely home, a sweet family amidst the lap of nature, a settled job or business where nature reaches the epitome of beauty- Kerala, God’s own land! Isn’t it dream come true situation? Well lot of us, has already achieved and will achieve this kind of situation. But still people gets confused, or needs help about certain things where to buy the property, what to buy, what are the documentation process and lot more questions crop up your mind. Every state in India has different parameters and different registration process. Let’s check out how the documentation/ registration part can be solved if you are planning to buy a property in Kerala.

Are you planning to buy land in Kerala? Are to planning to dwell or do business in Kerala- God’s own country? Purchasing a land is one of the major financial decisions. Buying land is a great achievement; it is one of the milestones which everybody wants to achieve. But this is not something you need to get carried away, you need to be cautious and make wise decisions. You need to have knowledge of the complete process and how to acquire the land successfully without any hassles. For Kerala Property Registration you need to know all sorts of rules and regulations abided by Kerala Land Registration Department. You need to have detailed knowledge about Kerala land registration charges, fair value in Kerala, Property registration charges in Kerala and lot more. Here in this article, we will provide you a step by step guide to Kerala Land registration process and how you can complete it smoothly.

Now let’s take a quick drive through the key steps, later on, we will discuss how and why in the further article. 

1. Identify The Right Property For You:

Identify the right property

Check the right location and right property as per your choice. Choose the land within your budget frame and get the best price negotiated and finalize the mode of payment and the tenure within which you will make the complete payment.

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2. Get The Legal Advice Before You Finalize The Property

To get the basic checks done and to get the clean chit from the legal front you need to consult a lawyer.  Clarify the several details about the property if it has the cc, if the documents are ok and if it is reliable to buy the property. Get the complete research done from the legal point of view. Once you get the searching report move forward for the next step towards Kerala property registration.

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3. Get The Encumbrance Certificate

Get the Encumbrance Certificate

The encumbrance certificate is a must; it will help you to know if your immovable property is free from any sort of lease, claim, debts etc. You can get the encumbrance certificate from Sub- registrar’s office after your verification is accomplished of the property documents. The encumbrance certificate is valid for 30 years.

4. Encumbrance Certificate

A “mutation” is the process when a property is handed over to another person, there are changes of name in the records of Kerala property registration office. The mutation is recorded for tax payment purpose mainly during sales tax in Kerala house registration. Mutation does not act a proof that the ownership of the property goes to you. It is just that Government gets the information from whom to collect the tax. If your place-town or village has got re-surveyed, try to apply for ROR., as Government notes down the details as final from ROR.And if re-survey is not done submit an application with a non-judicial stamp and the copy of the deed to the village officer or municipality.

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5. Get The Agreement Signed

Signing the Agreement

The agreement is signed between buyer and seller in presence of some witnesses. The conditions are mentioned for seller agreeing to sell and buyer agreeing to buy the property. The property value, period of documentation, property extent, the advance amount paid, terms related to possession, property encumbrance etc. all details related to property are mentioned in the agreement. A brief description of construction, furniture, plants etc can also be mentioned based on their presence in actual. The agreement is done on stamp paper and includes the legal penalty if any of the party violates the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement.

6. Get The Agreement Registration Done

Registered agreements are legally enforceable and can have interest value. Register the sale agreement at the sub-registrar’s office so that it can reflect in their records. And further, any buyer can get the details of the property agreement. Registering property agreement involves stamp duty and registration fees. Know the right property registration charges in Kerala before you go through this process. Also, read rera in kerala.

7. Purchase The Stamp Paper And Get The Stamp Duty Paid

 Purchase the stamp paper and get the stamp duty paid

The stamp paper needs to be bought from the state treasury in the name of the buyer. The value depends on the stamp. Based on the purchase price, the value of the stamp varies. Stamp paper varies up to 1 lakh and these papers are available from local stamp paper vendors. The current rate of stamp duty is 8 percent of the property irrespective of the fact if the property is in Municipality area, panchayat or corporation. There will an additional charge of 2 percent. You have a detailed information about it from Kerala Registration office.

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8. Get The Fair Value Of The Land

Know the detailed fair value in Kerala. The stamp duty is based on the actual value of the property. But one thing is mandatory, that the sell value cannot be lower than the fair value of the land and is determined by the government. As of now (2017) the fair value of the land has been 50 percent more than that was recorded in the fair value website of Kerala government, which is an old record. Necessary amendments will be through Government Stamp Act. The fair value calculation in Kerala is categorized into 15 types. The categories are – Residential Plot with NH.PWD road access, commercially important Plot, Residential Plot with Corp.Mun.Panch. road access, Residential Plot without vehicular access,  residential plots with private road access, waterlogged land, wasteland, rocky land, garden land with road access, Garden land without road access, wetland, Government property, Hill tract with road access and hill tract without road access.

9. Get The Sale Deed Drafted

Get the sale deed drafted

Sales deed need to be documented by advocate or deed writer as you need an experienced professional so that you can get a defect-free document for a smooth process.

10. Register The Land in Registrar’s Office And Get The Receipt

Get the land registered in sub-registrar’s office. Pay as per the property registration charges in Kerala. The registration must be done within a time limit as per sales agreement. 2 % is charged as registration fees. Once it is done keep the receipt safely so that you can collect the final document within few weeks.The documents which you need to have and need to be produced before registration are:-Previous Deed, original deed, Possession certificate, Original title deed, Encumbrance certificate, tax receipts for land and property, passport size photographs for seller and buyer, PAN card and Adhaar card of both the parties for identification and two witnesses.

11. Get The Mutation Of The Property Done

Get the Mutation of the Property Done

Submit the relevant documents in the village or corporation or municipality office to get the mutation done. To change the revenue records it is essential, submit the documents with your name in the property. Change of owners name from seller’s name to buyer’s name is known as ‘Pokkuvaravu’ or Thandaper Pidikkuka’ and you will get a ‘Thandaper’ against your name once the mutation process is completed.

12. Pay Off  The Property Tax

Once you receive the mutation documents pay off the property tax in the subsequent property office.

Follow all the above-mentioned steps to have an easy buying of property. The process needs patience and attention, so be calm and complete all the steps carefully. Remember it’s your asset for a lifetime!

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Checking Land Registration Details in Kerala

Once you get your land registered under the Kerala government, all the details will be stored on an online database which is managed by the authorities themselves. Kerala government has recently launched the e-Rekha online portal from where you can check all the land details pertaining to both the registration and surveying. 

To have the complete ownership of a plot, it’s important for everyone to proceed with the formalities of Kerala land registration. After the procedure is complete, one can login to online portal and move to the e-Rekha platform. You can also read register an under construction flat

After entering the license ID or the registration number, you will be able to view the details. Unlike earlier times, now even an old land registration detail can be seen on this new portal created by Kerala government. 

Checking Property Records Online in Kerala

If you are not aware of the steps to follow for checking the Kerala land registration details online, here we have discussed the entire procedure that you must remember. 

  • First visit the official website of e-Rekha portal. Make sure the device from which you are accessing the portal is secured if you want to prevent hackers from seeing the details of your land. 
  • Move to the File Search page where you will get several options to search. Select the land registration detail and proceed. 
  • In the next step, you need to enter the taluk, district, village, and the type of document you are looking for. 
  • After that, you need to enter your survey number along with the block number and then submit the request. 
  • The details of your land survey and registration will be displayed which you can download in the PDF form. 
  • Verify the details to avoid any kind of legal issues in the future. 
  • Do not forget to note down the unique transaction ID which you will need later on for several land-related services involving the Kerala Government. 
  • For downloading the document, you will have to pay a certain fee amount. For a Land registration document, the amount to be paid is INR 1400. 

Checking Encumbrance Certificate Status in Kerala

It is mandatory for every landowner to submit the Encumbrance Certificate to the Kerala government at the time of purchasing the land and transference of ownership. An Encumbrance Certificate is a document that says whether or not the land is free from any liability, both financial and legal. Unless the EC certificate is submitted, you won’t have complete and sole ownership over the land, and problems will occur during the processing of land registration application. 

The EC certificate will contain information like Kerala registration fair value of a concerned land, the legal status of the plot, and several such details. After you submit the EC form, it will take a couple of days for the proceedings to get completed from the authorities’ side. 

  • During this time, you will be able to check the status of your EC by following these methods. 
  • Open the official website for Kerala registration department fair value and move to the encumbrance certificate tab. 
  • Open the drop down from where you can select the option of EC status. 
  • You will have to enter the transaction ID and a captcha for further verification. 
  • Once done, click on the “Check Status” button and you will be able to see how far the proceeding has taken place after submission of the official form. 

Building Houses on Agricultural Land in Kerala

Agricultural land is registered as a field land under the Kerala government database and hence, one cannot construct a residential structure on such lands. The Kerala Conservation of Paddy Land and the Wetland Act of 2017 prevent builders from using the agricultural lands for constructing a residential property. 

The only way to do so will be to apply for reclassification of the land which will change its classification from field to residential plot. For doing so, one needs to pay at least a minimum amount of 10% of the total Kerala registration fair value amount to the government. 

Downloading an Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala?

You can download the EC certificate from the igr Kerala registration gov in. On the home page, you will find the option to download the Encumbrance Certificate online. You will have to enter the transaction ID along with the captcha after which click on the Check Status option. Once done, you will be given the option for downloading the EC Certification against your land. Also consider land measurement units india

RoR Certificate in Kerala

The RoR or Record of Rights document is a conglomeration of all the details related to a land being registered recently. Here, you will find all the registration details, the Encumbrance details, ownership details, map extent, and several other such information details. 

The RoR certificate proves that the land deal is genuine and the registration process is completed in a legal way. Also, since all the details are mentioned in one particular document, confusions regarding survey numbers and transaction IDs can be overcome with ease. 

Still confused? Still getting nervous? Don’t worry at all, If you are looking for buy property or land in Kerala, be it any part you can contact us for any sort of support related to land registration charges in Kerala, Kerala land registration fees, Kerala property registration, stamp duty in Kerala, property registration charges in Kerala, sales tax in Kerala house registration, fair value in Kerala or anything else related to land and property assistance. Call us or write to us to get the best assistance in regards to Kerala land registration.

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A Step By Step Guide To Kerala Land Registration

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