Importance of CREDAI Kerala Membership in Real Estate Industry
04 Jul-2017

Importance of CREDAI Membership in Kerala Real Estate Industry

Posted on July 04, 2017 Importance-of-CREDAI-Membership-in-Kerala-Real-Estate-Industry
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For a successful business, getting a membership in a trusted and authentic institution is very helpful. It is a certification that the business is functioning well and abiding by the rules and regulations of the industry. The CREDAI is one such institution that helps the real estate businesses to prove the authentication of their service.

CREDAI or Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India is the singular association that guarantees that the real estate development in point, is developed by following all the rules and regulations. From across 23 states throughout the country and probably from about 156 different cities, about 11,500 real estate developers become part of the CREDAI. The CREDAI Kerala membership has helped them to offer best real estate developments in Kerala that buyers can trust.

Importance of CREDAI Membership in Kerala:

Kerala is one of those states in India that is thriving well when it comes to real estate business. With the numerous developments taking place every day, the flourishing industries, job opportunities and population increasing as well as due to the tourism industry, there is a constantly growing demand in real estate properties in Kerala.

However, buyers and home owners are always facing a difficulty regarding the choice of real estate developers. In that case, the CREDAI membership is of great help to the buyers. But, there are many people that do not know what is CREDAI. The buyers can be assured that the rules and regulations regarding a new real estate development project are maintained and followed by the developers, if they are members of CREDAI.

Benefits of Following CREDAI Membership:


When the buyers and home owners or investors are thinking of choosing the real estate developers in Kerala, they should always trust those that have the CREDAI Kerala membership. What they can be assured about is, they will get –

  • Protection for the buyer’s and home owner’s rights
  • Professional practice of real estate development amongst developers
  • Promotes ethical real estate development practices for every single project
  • Facilitates workshops, events and discussions
  • Get expert opinion for the right project that will suit the buyer’s requirements and budget.

However, it is not just the buyer’s interest that the CREDAI membership helps to protect. The real estate developers too are benefited with this membership.

  • With the CREDAI Thrissur membership, the real estate developers can interact with the stake holders. There are so many different kinds of government bodies as well as consultants and professionals that work as stakeholders. Interacting with them becomes easier with the CREDAI Membership.
  • The developers get the guideline that will help them to maintain transparency in their real estate development t projects. This is of great help to the real estate developers as they get to follow the guidelines that buyers find and trust.
  • Commission studies, another very important factor associated with CREDAI Membership can become easy for the real estate developers. Whenever they need the commission studies and as they need it, can be ensured and supported by CREDAI.

Becoming a CREDAI Member:

If you are one of the real estate developers in Calicut, you can certainly become a member of the CREDAI Calicut. CREDAI welcomes memberships for all the real estate developers, builders and associates. However, it does not welcome membership from individuals. The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India is a national organisation and it gives membership to the organisations and not individuals.

The individuals have to be members of the local or state level governing bodies or certifying organisations. Once the individuals are certified, their organisations become liable for the CREDAI memberships.

However, the organisations have to make sure that they follow only ethical development procedures and guidelines. They must also offer a transparent development process every time. The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India does not entertain any unethical activity and may also cancel the memberships for the developers, builders or organisations. This acts as a black list in the real estate industry that clearly defines that the developers and builders have engaged into unethical projects.

Types of CREDAI Membership:


The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India offers different kinds of memberships. The buyers or home owners may get a little confused about the different kinds of memberships. These are –

  1. Member Association

  2. Overseas Associate

  3. Associate Member

  4. Invitee Member.

The Member Association must have at least two other town level associations or organisations working with them or under them. The Associate Members are those, who are working with the Member Associations and these are mainly the banks and finance companies that help the real estate builders and developers to carry out their projects. When a foreign association is engaged into the real estate developments, it can apply to become the Overseas Associate. The Invite Members are those city or state level organisations that can be CREDAI members, but do not have the voting rights.

Whatever the type of membership may be, the real estate developers and builders that have the membership with the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India CREDAI can be trusted for their type of business and projects.

Finding a CREDAI Member:

If you live in Trivandrum or are looking for a project that you want to invest on in Trivandrum, it is important that you search for the best real estate builders and developers in Trivandrum. While searching for one, you need to make sure that the builders are CREDAI Trivandrum members. This means that they are one of the best builders and developers from Trivandrum.

The builders that have the CREDAI Kerala membership will certainly promote their membership on their websites and brochures. This will help to understand their status and also the type the membership that they have. But, whatever the type of membership may be, you will be able to access the best property developments, projects and the most transparent business transactions.


Hence, if you are a real estate development organisation and are looking for a firm footing in the industry, it is a must that you get a CREDAI Kochi membership. This will give you a great exposure to the investors as well as the potential buyers. Also, building a consensus amongst the other developers and builders in the community becomes easier with this membership.

Also, the builders and developers, who are CREDAI Kottayam members, get the chance to influence the various policies regarding and associated with labour legislation, FDI, tax, RERA, interest rates as well as the environment. This is a great help for those, who want to grow in the real estate industry of the country. Also, read rera in kerala.

On the other hand, the buyers can be assured that there will be no sort of difficulty for them, in buying a property. They will be able to find the best on in the city that abides by the rules and regulations and maintains a transparent real estate policy for developing it. Just find the best business in town that has a CREDAI Kerala membership. You can always search online and you will be able to find the one that has such a membership and is one of the most trusted businesses in the city or state or even all across the country.

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