Low Budget Single Floor House Designing Tips For New Homes
03 Jan-2022

Low Budget Single Floor House Designing Tips For New Homes In Kerala

Posted on January 03, 2022 Low Budget Single Floor House
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Budget houses are specifically designed houses with nominal expense, without compromising the comforts and requirements of a house. Budget houses are a great blessing for those who can’t afford luxurious mansions but want to construct simple houses effortlessly and economically. low budget single floor houses will always be an asset rather than a debt to the maker.in this mode of planning each and every part of the house is completely utilized, here prominence is given to necessities rather than fantasy and luxury, simple living, and wise thinking is the keyword of these Low-cost interior design homes in Kerala.

How To build a budget-friendly home 

For constructing a low budget single floor house proper planning is necessary and it is always better to get some expert advice or Architectural Services rather than making assumptions.  There should be a clear-cut idea about the money [Budget House Plannings ]one is going to invest and must have priorities in the house. A single floor house plan is ideal for low-budget houses, nowadays a lot of house designs both traditional and modern house designs are available at affordable prices.

 Steps to Keep in Mind Before Starting Construction

 Select an area and a plot of your choice 

The first and foremost thing in constructing a house is selecting a plot, always try to choose plots wisely considering your priorities and budget. Do not invest much money in the land, if the land finds too expensive in city areas move on to suburbs, or developing areas rather than completely developed places, there are a lot of Service Providers in this sector who provide Quality Service to find the right plot. And try to choose lands suitable for construction by avoiding marshy lands which will increase the construction cost. The land must be suitable for the Building Type, and the plot must at least have the common plot size to construct a perfect house. Make the Plot Size according to the plan considering Vastu, Vastu House,  North-East Corner, and. North-West Corner is very important when planning the architectural drawings of houses, and small apartment decorating ideas budget. when planing the house.

Once the plot is decided, approach an experienced engineer and design a proper ground floor house plan [building plan] to construct the house, choose a proper builder who got experience in low-budget houses. He will provide a lot of beautiful house plans, modern house designs single floor, classic house design, bungalow house designs, compliant house plan, complete house plan affordable house design and bedroom house plans these plans will give clarity of ideas about the construction of the proposed house and complete space planning then discuss the cost-effective methods, and designs. Decide which type of home you wish to build: single story house, a bungalow house, or multi-story. Then there must be a clear-cut idea about the  Size Requirements of each room whether you prefer a dining cum living area or separate rooms for each and the size and number of bedrooms. 

A Normal Bedroom or contemporary style room,[Bedroom Kerala Style Single] whether a modular kitchen or traditional-style kitchen.once everything is decided, Incorporate your ideas and make appropriate floor plans utilizing each space in minimum square feet. Instead of making more rooms, it would be wise to incorporate more multipurpose rooms, as it reduces construction costs. Think smarter ways to convert the study into a guest room or a baby nursery according to your timely needs. budget of a house is highly dependent upon the infrastructure of the building, if we aim to reduce cost start with the basic structure, avoid complex infrastructure patterns and pergola designs, porches, extended balconies and pergolas increase square feet of the building as well as the cost of the house so it is better to avoid these unnecessary exterior designs.it is better to save these House Exterior ideas for later to avoid a drastic increase in your cost. 

 Finalize the floor plan and make the estimate within the budget. In this stage, designs will explain Structural Drawings, Civil Drawings, Electrical Drawings, Plumbing Drawings, Architectural Drawings,  Technical Drawings of the building. In the planning stage one can incorporate all ideas of a Dream House there are a lot of Modern Technology and Modern Design patterns and Modern HouseDesigns for Budget House for  Minimum square feet house

Select construction materials wisely For Infrastructure

Fifty percentage of the construction cost comes from building materials, choosing proper building materials can make the construction cost-effective .select low maintenance building materials with good quality, durable and eco-friendly materials are ideal for construction. Buying raw materials directly from the dealer without intermediaries, Most of the dealers sell goods at Affordable Prices, somewhat less than Common prices in the market.   The next important factor is the type of materials chosen for the construction, using the traditional building ways reduces the cost, using simple brick and mortar or laterite stone or Building Construction Sun-Dried Bricks instead of interlock bricks and double concrete layers with insulation foam inside. If we are using hollow bricks or blocks instead of solid blocks will reduce the cost, solid blocks are quite heavy as they don’t have any cavity but hollow blocks are very lightweight and easy to handle, considering the cost aspect solid blocks demands more support system which increases the cost of the building .so its advisable to use hollow blocks. these bocks are fire-resistant, durable, and do not resist chemicals these bricks are strong enough to resist natural calamities if constructed properly. Another way to reduce cost is reusing the materials of old demolished houses nowadays a lot of 

Well constructed old buildings are demolished today, it is a great idea to use the materials of these buildings, it saves a lot of money without making any difference in the building quality. These salvaged materials not only save money but also give an aesthetic touch if used properly. The wooden and cast iron materials of traditional houses are of excellent quality which enhances the beauty and durability of the new house. It gives an aesthetic color to the house. prefabricated building materials gaining much prominence nowadays, these materials just need to be assembled in the concerned sites which avoided lots of costs, it is the best choice for people who is ready to try contemporary building methods .it was a traditional Kerala method of building homes by bamboo palm-leaves and wooden flooring kerala by incorporating these materials in modern homes for extended roofs reduce the additional cost and one can use bamboo sheets for constructing the ceiling rather than steel rods or concrete blocks, which reduces the cost

Interior designs ideas in low budget

The most expensive part of the construction is the interior design of a house compared to House Exterior. Lots of money is spent simply to beautify the space and to give them a splendid look but for a budget-friendly house, it is more challenging as it aims to get fresh and unique without emptying your wallet. In Kerala wood is enormously used from olden days but today its a bit expensive affair so it is wise to use cheap wood like bamboo or reinforced wood instead of teak and rosewood which gives rustic beauty without much investment, steel and glass doors and windows are also a good option which helps to get a lot of sunlight which are durable and economical. Instead of marble and granite or vitrified tile flooring, simple red oxide, laminate, or ceramic tile floorings with proper Color Coordination serve the purpose, in apartment bathroom ideas.

 Low Budget Kitchen Design

 The kitchen is an inevitable part of the house which needs a lot of attention. A well-planned kitchen makes the life of the people easier, nowadays modular kitchens are gaining much prominence but in low-budget houses, it becomes difficult to afford the cost, but there are ways to provide modular facilities at an Affordable Cost. Plan the kitchen according to your cooking style decide, an open kitchen or a closed one or a corridor style kitchen, then select the materials for the kitchen, always select budget-friendly materials for flooring use materials such as vinyl, plain ceramic tiles, laminates, or linoleum flooring. for kitchen cabinet storage go for aluminum steel or MDF rather than wood; these materials are durable and economical.  for countertops instead of granite, there are more economical options such as laminate countertops, red oxide countertops, or ceramic tile countertops. Always accessorize your kitchen according to necessities rather than using fantasy things. And by using rich color combinations the kitchen will get a fresh look. There are a lot of amazing color combinations and a collection of colors available in the designer world, following a color code makes the kitchen more attractive. In a kitchen Window, location and cabin location should be appropriate otherwise it will disturb the convenient beauty of the place. Once the construction is finished build a proper Boundary wall[Compound wall] where there is a lot of options to beautify it by giving different Boundary Wall Design like Wall texture and brick wall creation brick veneer walls by using proper color shades [Colors For Walls]it can be more attractive there are a lot of Boundary WallDesigns [Compound Wall Design]available. A Complete Wall Paint with an amazing color combination gives  An elegant look. the compound wall is always a notable feature for a house, it gives a complete look for the house and makes house beautiful

Simply saying one can make an elegant house at an average cost if we have proper planning, which provides the same comfort of a readymade House and other residential houses of reputed builders. Budget-friendly houses help everyone to fulfill their dream house without emptying their wallet and lifetime earnings. And to make a dream house a place to increase home value and culture.

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