11 Easy Tips to Keep the Top-Floor Apartment Cool in Summer
22 Feb-2021

How to Keep Top Floor Apartment Cool in Summer? Easy Tips to Follow

Posted on February 22, 2021 How to Keep Apartment Top Floor Cool
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Many of us love to live in a top-floor apartment. There you will enjoy the beauty of the city and relish the low sound. Yet, the owner experiences higher temperatures in such apartments. The top floor apartment hot high temperature arrives in the summertime. Checkout some of the summer decorating ideas for living room.

The higher temperature is created by the direct sunlight hitting on the roof of the apartment. And when you want to get guidance about how to keep top floor apartment cool in summer.

Then we have written this post only for you. Here you will find twelve of the most useful tips on how to keep an apartment cool.

1. Use Air Conditioners


Today almost all offices use air conditioners to maintain a uniform temperature. You can use the same trick. When you don’t have an air conditioner you must consider buying one. Apart from such AC’s you can also buy movable, vent-free, and window-fitting ACs. Checkout some of the latest apartment trends.

Indoors AC or Air Cooler

  • The movable AC is a good pick since they are simple to fit. Many owners allow such units. You can move the unit between any rooms in no time. Usually, these AC’s are twenty-four inches in height while the width is eighteen inches.
  • This air conditioner is small and you may change its position, too. The unit contains the power of the wheel, too. Hence, you use the wheel power to move it.
  • Such machines have a pipe that helps in exhausting heated air. This heated air comes from the machine. You can place the pipe in a nearby window through a small hole to get rid of the heated air.
  • This machine is also thin in shape. Such a quality can help you to place them in smallish areas. For instance, if the unit was near the windows. In a few minutes, you can open the installation.
  • Then you can carry it to the preferred location or room. Now you found out an easy way on how to make an apartment cooler.

Vent-free AC

  • This machine is similar to the above-mentioned portable air conditioner. The only difference here is that you don’t have any vent. That means you get a double advantage. You can place the unit wherever you want. Plus you don’t get the headache of searching for windows to get rid of the heated air. Place this machine at any place in your top-floor apartment.
  • These machines are simple in size and they also have wheelsets under them. You can move them to any room.
  • This machine has an interesting mechanism. You must add water into one of its chambers. The chamber is a tank-like structure. One huge revolving fan is seen near the tank. When this fan revolves the water in this chamber wafts mist inside your top floor room apartment. The cool mist lowers the temperature of the top floor room.
  • Although the cooling effect is lower than the portable air conditioner nonetheless this machine can considerably lower the heat in the top floor room. Besides, you don’t have the headache of finding vents.

Window-Based AC

This is perhaps the most common air conditioner you must have seen. This machine is placed on a window sill or rectangular slit. Then the insulated room receives cold air from the unit. While hot air is blown from the machine towards the outside of the room.

Some landlords don’t allow this machine in the complex. That is because the unit is seen from the outside section. But even then you need only one of these to get cool air into the rooms.

2. How to Cool Down an Apartment by Blocking


There are other ways to remove the heat without any air conditioner. You must stop any sunlight from entering the rooms. You can do this by using blinds. The binds will obstruct the movement of the sunlight towards your top floor rooms.

Another easy way is to use curtains and drapes. Use drapes to prevent the sunlight from entering the room. These drapes cast shadows that can further cool the rooms.

In summer times the blackout-type drape will lower the heat on the top floor by up to thirty percent. You can also read common apartment plumbing problems.

3. How to Keep Upstairs Cool in Summer’ by Air Flow

You can enhance the flow of air in the home by closing doors. Yes, When you stay in one room you must close the doors of all the other rooms. In this way, the air from the windows and fans will directly cool the air in the room that you are in. You may never notice it but the air keeps moving from one room to another if you keep the doors open.

4. Movable Fans


  • This method is good since it does not involve much use of cash.
  • Here the fans can introduce good airflow and you get a good idea while using the fans.
  • The first step in the idea is to place one fan near you. This fan will channel all the cool air towards you.
  • In the second step place another fan facing outwards near the window.
  • This fan will channel all the heated air towards the outside of the room.
  • So hot air never stays inside the room at all!
  • This system will build a cross current. Such a cross-current will attract hot air and blow it away outside. Finally, you only get cool air.

5. Power Saving

When you save power you get extra power to run the fans and air conditioners. Replace light bulbs with LED lights. Even small led lights offer good lights in the nighttime. In this way, you save extra power on your home batteries. The home batteries can offer power even when the nearby homes get power shortage. Since the home batteries have saved enough power.

You can also save power by using fewer electronics, electrical systems, game consoles.

These units create unwanted extra heat in the room. Hence when you introduce less heat you don’t need extra cool air to lower the temperature in the first place. In this way, you get advantages. Also consider solar power for apartments and buildings.

6. Third Floor Apartment Hot Exhaust Tip

Place exhaust fans in strategic areas in the roof during construction time. In this way, you can even use non-electric exhaust fans. These fans drive away hot air outside the roof. Moreover, switch on the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. These fans drive away from the extra heat in the top-floor home.

7. Low Humidity

Low Humidity

  • Low humidity in the home has its benefits. The low humidity helps you to evaporate the sweat on your body quickly.
  • See what happens in high humidity is that the sweat does not evaporate. Such a situation brings sweat that glues on your skin, leaving you wet and exhausted by the excess heat.
  • Most people feel that high moisture content can bring cool air. But the opposite is true! High moisture brings more heat into the top floor room.
  • Buy the dehumidifying machine. This machine can de-humidify the room in seconds.
  • Most air conditioners have the dehumidifying function in them. If you have one such air conditioner then you don’t have to buy a separate dehumidifying unit. Buy it when you have no such air conditioner.

8. Place Plants

Some plants bring high oxygen content. This oxygen can bring a fresh boost to your energy levels each day. Especially in hot places, these plants can bring more oxygen since plants need heat and sunlight. They convert sunlight into cooling oxygen to keep the top floor apartment cool in summer. Besides they remove the excess carbon dioxide from the room during the day. Use tall plants in the balcony to prevent any extra sunlight into the balconies. Read some indoor garden for apartments in Kerala.

9. Trap Nights Air

In the olden days, homes had attics. These attics were kept open at night. Here the attic windows will attract the cool night air. The night air flows into the home. Then in the morning, the attic is closed. Thus, the home will trap the night’s cool air.

You can use the same principle here. Open all the windows in the nighttime. The cool air flows into the entire home. Then in the morning say by Seven thirtyish AM close all the windows. In this way, you will trap the cool night air into the home. The top floor room gets significantly cool for the first morning hours.

10. Less Cooking

Unwanted cooking can leave extra heat in the home. Hence cook only in the early morning hours. You can also cook at night times or late evenings. In this way, you don’t have to cook during the hottest times of the day.

Another trick is to do the cooking in bulk. Half cook dishes and save them in the freezer. Then reheat it using the microwaves whenever you need. In this method, you lower the use of the stoves inside the apartment.

11. White Covers

Cover all your furniture and beds with white. White color can lower reflect the sunlight away from the room. It will never absorb the heat but repels it away.

Now you don’t have to think twice about ‘why is my apartment so hot.’ Hoping you got proper guidance about how to keep top-floor apartment cool in summer.

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