Real estate market trends in Calicut
14 May-2024

Real estate market trends in Calicut

Posted on May 14, 2024 Real estate market trends in Calicut
by pvs_admin
Real estate Market Trends

The real estate market in Calicut, Kerala, has experienced notable shifts in recent years. Fueled by infrastructural developments, demographic changes, and economic growth, the market showcases dynamic trends. From residential to commercial properties, Calicut offers diverse investment opportunities. Hence, it is essential to understand the real estate market trends in Calicut for both investors and homeowners to make informed decisions in this evolving market. In Calicut’s real estate market, various property types cater to diverse needs and preferences. Residential options include apartments, villas, and gated communities, offering amenities such as security, recreational facilities, and modern conveniences. Commercial properties range from office spaces in central business districts to retail spaces in bustling commercial areas.

Moreover, the city boasts a significant presence of waterfront properties, adding to its allure. Overall, Calicut presents a robust mix of properties, catering to both residential and commercial requirements.

Current Market Trends

Pricing Trends

Real estate market trends in Calicut

Calicut’s real estate market has seen notable pricing trends in recent times. While the market remains relatively stable, there has been a gradual increase in property prices, particularly in sought-after locations and premium segments. Factors such as infrastructural developments, improved connectivity, and growing demand for quality housing have contributed to this upward trajectory in prices. Additionally, the introduction of innovative housing concepts, such as eco-friendly designs and smart features, has further propelled price appreciation in select segments. However, amidst these positive trends, developers and stakeholders remain cautious about maintaining affordability and ensuring a balance between supply and demand dynamics.

Increased Demand

One of the most prominent trends in Calicut’s real estate market is the heightened demand for residential properties. This surge in demand can be attributed to several factors, including population growth, urbanization, and favorable demographics. With a rising number of young professionals and nuclear families seeking accommodation, the demand for villas and flats in Calicut has witnessed a significant uptick. Moreover, the city’s reputation as a hub for education, healthcare, and tourism has attracted migrants from neighboring regions, further fueling the demand for housing. Additionally, the preference for gated communities offering amenities such as security, green spaces, and recreational facilities has contributed to the growing demand for upscale residential properties.

Market Expansion

Real estate market trends in Calicut

Calicut’s real estate market is experiencing notable expansion, both in terms of geographical reach and property development. Traditionally, the city’s real estate hotspots were concentrated in areas like Kozhikode Beach, Kallai, and Mavoor Road. However, with infrastructural improvements and urban planning initiatives, new growth corridors are emerging, attracting developers and investors. Suburban areas such as Feroke, Ramanattukara, and Malappuram are witnessing increased activity, with developers launching residential projects to cater to the growing demand for affordable housing. Furthermore, the expansion of transportation networks, including roadways and metro connectivity plans, is opening up previously underserved areas for real estate development.

This market expansion presents opportunities for both buyers and builders in Calicut, allowing for diversification and the creation of vibrant residential communities beyond the city center.

Buyer and Seller Activity

In Calicut’s real estate market, buyer and seller activity remains consistently brisk, indicating a dynamic marketplace. Buyers, including both locals and investors from other regions, actively seek properties, drawn by the city’s economic growth and lifestyle offerings. Sellers capitalize on this demand by listing various properties, ranging from residential to commercial, resulting in a vibrant exchange of real estate transactions. This active engagement fosters competition and negotiation, benefiting both buyers and sellers in achieving their respective objectives within the market. 

Availability of Different Property Types

Real estate market trends in Calicut

Calicut presents a rich array of property types and hence there are many effective real estate investment strategies in Calicut, ensuring choices to suit diverse preferences and requirements. Prospective buyers can select from opulent waterfront villas, expansive apartments, charming independent houses, and versatile commercial spaces, including offices and retail outlets. Furthermore, the market boasts gated communities, eco-conscious developments, and mixed-use properties, catering to a wide spectrum of lifestyles and financial plans. This diverse inventory not only enhances the city’s appeal but also accommodates various needs, ensuring that individuals and businesses alike can find the perfect property to meet their specific criteria and aspirations.

Price variations based on property type

Price variations in Calicut’s real estate market are significant and influenced by property type. Luxury waterfront villas and high-end apartments command premium prices due to their exclusive locations and superior amenities. In contrast, more affordable options, like budget apartments and residential plots, are available in emerging areas or on the outskirts of the city. Commercial properties also exhibit varying price ranges, with those situated in prime business districts demanding higher rates compared to suburban locations. Understanding these price differentials is crucial for buyers to make informed decisions aligned with their budgets and preferences. Moreover, sellers can strategically price their properties based on their unique features and market demand to maximize returns in this dynamic real estate landscape.

Factors Influencing the Market

Economic Factors

Real estate market trends in Calicut

Calicut’s real estate market is deeply influenced by the presence and performance of key economic sectors, particularly IT companies, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. The city has witnessed a notable influx of IT companies establishing their operations in Cyberpark and UL Cyberpark, which has led to a surge in demand for residential and commercial properties in nearby areas.

Additionally, the presence of prestigious educational institutions like the National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC) and Calicut Medical College has contributed to the demand for student housing and faculty residences. Moreover, the healthcare sector, with prominent hospitals such as Aster MIMS and Baby Memorial Hospital, has attracted healthcare professionals, further driving the need for housing. These economic factors create a strong foundation for the real estate market in Calicut, fostering sustained growth and investment opportunities.

Government Initiatives

Government initiatives and infrastructure projects play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of Calicut’s real estate market. Infrastructure development projects, including road expansions, metro rail development, and airport upgrades, enhance connectivity and accessibility, thus increasing the demand for properties in areas benefiting from these developments. The Smart City Mission, aimed at improving urban infrastructure and amenities, also contributes to the attractiveness of residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, development plans focusing on creating sustainable urban environments with adequate amenities and green spaces enhance the livability of Calicut, making it an attractive destination for homebuyers and investors alike. Government incentives and subsidies for affordable housing initiatives further stimulate demand, promoting inclusive growth in the real estate market.

The Calicut real estate market is poised for continued growth and expansion in the foreseeable future. Economic diversification, coupled with sustained investment in key sectors such as IT, education, and healthcare, will drive demand for properties across residential and commercial segments. The presence of established industries and institutions will continue to attract a skilled workforce, students, and healthcare professionals, supporting a buoyant housing market.

Additionally, ongoing infrastructural projects and government initiatives aimed at enhancing connectivity and urban infrastructure will bolster market confidence and investment. However, challenges such as ensuring affordability and addressing infrastructural bottlenecks will need to be addressed to sustain long-term growth and stability in the Calicut real estate market. Overall, the market is expected to remain vibrant and resilient, offering ample opportunities for investors and homebuyers to capitalize on the city’s growth potential. 


The real estate market trends in Calicut are shaped by a combination of economic factors and government initiatives. The city’s growing stature as an IT hub, coupled with the presence of renowned educational institutions and healthcare facilities, drives sustained demand for residential and commercial properties. Additionally, government-backed infrastructure projects and development plans enhance connectivity and livability, further boosting market confidence and investment. Predictions suggest continued growth and expansion in the market, with opportunities for investors and homebuyers alike. However, ensuring affordability and addressing infrastructural challenges will be crucial for maintaining long-term growth and stability. Overall, the Calicut real estate market presents a promising landscape characterized by diversity, resilience, and growth potential.

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