What are the top residential areas in Kannur
30 Apr-2024

What are the top residential areas in Kannur?

Posted on April 30, 2024 What are the top residential areas in Kannur?
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Looking for the top residential areas in Kannur? Kannur, located in the northern part of Kerala, offers a plethora of options for those seeking comfortable living spaces. Whether you’re looking for flats in Kannur or interested in building your own home, here are some of the top residential areas in the city:

What are the top residential areas in Kannur?


Thavakkara stands as one of Kannur’s prime residential locales, coveted for its strategic positioning and robust amenities. Nestled close to the city center, it ensures unparalleled convenience for both families and professionals. Its allure lies in its accessibility to essential facilities such as reputable schools, advanced healthcare centers, and vibrant shopping hubs. Thavakkara exudes a cosmopolitan vibe while maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere, making it an idyllic residential choice for discerning individuals seeking a blend of urban dynamism and comfort.

Fort Road

Imbued with historical significance and natural splendor, Fort Road epitomizes tranquility and elegance in Kannur’s residential landscape. Adjacent to the iconic St. Angelo Fort, this area boasts a mesmerizing backdrop of scenic vistas and a serene ambiance. Its housing options range from contemporary apartments to charming Kerala-style homes, offering residents a diverse array of living choices. Whether one seeks modernity or tradition, Fort Road captivates with its picturesque charm and promises a harmonious living experience amidst historical grandeur.

South Bazaar

South Bazaar emerges as a favored residential hub in Kannur, renowned for its seamless connectivity and comprehensive amenities. Positioned for easy access to transportation networks, educational institutions, and recreational facilities, it caters to the diverse needs of its residents. The locality pulsates with energy and vitality, offering a dynamic living environment coupled with the convenience of essential services at one’s doorstep. South Bazaar epitomizes urban living at its finest, providing residents with a vibrant and enriching lifestyle experience.


For those yearning for a tranquil sanctuary amidst verdant landscapes, Pallikkunnu presents an irresistible allure. Characterized by lush greenery and meticulously planned layouts, this residential enclave exudes an aura of serenity and sophistication. Its pristine surroundings and tranquil ambiance offer a respite from the urban hustle, providing residents with a peaceful retreat to call home. Pallikkunnu stands as a testament to harmonious living, where nature’s splendor intertwines seamlessly with modern comforts, creating an idyllic haven for those seeking solace and tranquility.


Offering a harmonious blend of urban convenience and suburban charm, Thottada beckons with its inviting allure. Nestled away from the city’s frenetic pace, this residential enclave radiates a sense of warmth and community spirit. Known for its affordable housing options and close-knit atmosphere, Thottada embodies the essence of suburban living at its finest. Here, residents can relish a laid-back lifestyle while still enjoying easy access to essential amenities and services, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling living experience.


With its impeccable infrastructure and strategic location, Chala emerges as a premier residential destination in Kannur. Boasting proximity to major landmarks and essential amenities, it offers residents unparalleled convenience and accessibility. The area’s well-planned layout and robust infrastructure ensure a seamless living experience, making it a favored choice among discerning homebuyers. Chala epitomizes urban sophistication, providing residents with a contemporary living environment imbued with comfort, convenience, and connectivity.

When searching for flats in Kannur or planning to build your dream home, it’s essential to choose reputable builders in Kannur who have a track record of delivering quality projects on time. Conduct thorough research, visit the sites, and review customer feedback before making a decision.

Here are some tips for Kannur home buyers to keep in mind:

What are the top residential areas in Kannur?


Consider factors like proximity to schools, workplaces, hospitals, and recreational facilities when choosing a residential area.


Determine your budget and explore options that align with your financial capabilities.


Look for residential areas that offer essential amenities like water supply, electricity, security, and proper waste management facilities.

Legal Documentation

Ensure that all legal documentation related to the property is to avoid any future complications.

Builder Reputation

Choose builders in Kannur with a good reputation for quality construction and transparent dealings.

By considering these factors and exploring the locations mentioned under What are the top residential areas in Kannur?, you can find the perfect home that meets your needs and preferences.

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