7 Best Web Features for Online Real Estate Portals and Benefits
14 Oct-2019

What Are Real Estate Portals And Why Do You Need One?

Posted on October 14, 2019 Real Estate Portals
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Real Estate portals” is an excellent way to refer to websites for real estate. Most real estate agents and property managers now have their websites, because they understand the value that these platforms offer when it comes to generation of leads and potential owners and buyers.

This allows real estate agencies to list properties along with all the details they need (for example, costs, numbert of rooms, number of bathroom, venue, etc.) depending on whether a property portal serves a general or niche audience. Users can fulfill their property needs by accessing this data. There are many builders in Calicut providing the best portals so that we don’t feel any of the confusion regarding it. You can also check out some future home technologies here.

Working of Real Estate Portals

Working of Real Estate Portals

Based on the real estate, the web portal works. The idea was simple–list your properties in a splendidly illustrated position for potential buyers and tenants. The website was friendly and easy to use. The software was friendly, easy to stack and looked for with helpers. Their employees professionally clicked the photos. That’s why you know what you are having. Their representative confirmed every posting. Property posting and extending your company presence on any real estate website. There was a mistake. For each country organization or entry, this makes it acceptable. Check out here before you buy property in Kerala. This might be helpful for you.

Benefits of Real Estate Portals

  • Commonly the realtors follow this pattern, when e-commerce comes, and most retailers and sellers prefer to sell their goods on-line.
  • Digital retailers offer a wider range of products and a wider market, and for everyone who wants to buy, sell or rent an even more enjoyable experience.
  • The search engines in real estate have in recent years grown by leaps and limits.
  • The days that have been searched are limited to specific area or developer. You can also refine your keyword that you need on portals.
  • Real Estate portals properties are now assisted by checked, comprehensive data analysis and extensive property descriptions of each micro-market.
  • Such online portals are a one-stop destination for the purchase, lease, and sale of financial loans and legal information and provide advice.
  • You can also refine your quest with keywords on portals in addition to the cost, type of property. Such websites offer map searches for specific areas, for example, Travel times between locations can also be measured online.

For Business Benefits

  • Essential and sustainable cost reduction
  • Detailed monitoring & evaluation
  • Better user interface & property listing
  • Middle management to reduce duplication of stock published.

Advantages of Real Estate Portals

Advantages of Real Estate Portals

In India, the online real estate market is on the increase, with increasing numbers of people searching for property on the internet. Statistics show that more than five million people use the internet for research purposes. Many of the following benefits are provided:

  1. The sale of your property online is usually free, with easy access to information for both buyer and seller
  2. It removes the need for frequent calls and visits to the site.
  3. Property can be bought, leased and sold without an agent
  4. To ensure no false listings are made, all features are checked by the website.
  5. The listing remains until it’s bought or leased after you list the estate online.
  6. This is a better option than a news item because every week you have to pay to list your assets.
  7. Images can be posted on many websites. This means that the estate is much more valuable to prospective       purchasers than news reports.
  8. Digital portals are a quick and easy way of accessing information for individuals who move to a new city and have still no access to local publishing.
  9. Online search portals for the property have filter options that allow the buyer to customize the search according to their needs.

All of this makes it much more comfortable and convenient for the internet to purchase, sell or rent a property. The real estate portals in India give you a secure and straightforward solution to begin your quest for the right investment. Even if you want to do the final agreement in person, it is always prudent to do your homework well beforehand, and this method is quick and consistent with these online portals.

Online real estate developers often try ways to improve the customer’s experience. Virtual reality and other technologies are evolving to provide the buyer/seller with a much more interactive experience. The online real estate opportunity seems enormous, so many more apps and developments are anticipated in the future. Get some tips for furnishing first apartment.

If the Property of Listing Portal is Established, What Will be Your Benefit?

Property of Listing Portal

  • If you’re a seller/ buyer or both can reward you if any property sells through your portal. You’ll get a fee.
  • You may provide a paid listing and make money if not a broker and just created the property listing.
  • You cannot directly provide services that are paid, After making your then you have a better way to make it paid
  • But it is recommended that you offer free or competitive products at the start ([free + paid]).
  • Through ads & affliated marketing, you can make money.

Must Need Web Features for Online Real Estate Portal

Web Features for Online Real Estate Portal

1. Submission of Front End Listing

Entry on an immovable website is not mandatory, but one of the most common and beneficial. Front end selection is not compulsory.

2. Proper Pictures

Pictures speak more loudly than words. They’re easy to understand and friendly to the ears. You will always benefit from the inclusion of outstanding, optimized and high-quality images.

3. Proper and Well-Maintained Design


Proper and Well-Maintained Design

There is no question that a good design material is a king, but also design. The eye-catching theme helps you attract more people and persuades them to continue to explore the different options. It’s always good to have a beautiful design for your website. The design elements should not shadow the website’s actual content. Get some low cost interior design for homes in Kerala.

All your users are invited to visit your website for a clearly defined reason. Search your site for the estate. But it becomes challenging to find the right property for a client if you’re a considerable website of a real estate directory with thousands of different listings. Also, read the reasons real estate trends of Kerala.

4. Flawless Navigation

All connections scattered over the page, CTAs and the menu are included in failure navigation. Correct shipping is critical for any form of the website. The navigation system of your website will make it possible to guide visitors to their pages of interest seamlessly without having to click on various links.

A stunning and interactive menu includes a powerful navigation system. The menu must be arranged very well with the ties listed as the main menu titles and submenus. The titles of the main menu should be carefully selected because the claims of the submenus must represent their style. Also Read the importance of registration of under construction flat.

5. Listing Owner Contact

All properties are found in the real estate listing file. The people on a property search are the ones who come to your website. When they come across some property they are interested in, they must have a way to contact the owner. We will need to contact the list holder form on the listing page for this reason. Get some informations about the important questions to ask a builder when designing a house.

6. Lists for Idx

The integration of MLS lists with IDX makes the website more productive. A wide range of MLS assets can be viewed by using IDX on your website.

7. Comprehensive Listing

Comprehensive Listing

During the listing process, the visitors will find the details about a property they are interested in on a real estate website. If you advertise a property owner wishing to sell their estate wants to provide more and more information. So always have to make sure you view a very detailed listing with the template you choose for your property page.

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