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22 Jan-2021

Top Tips for Apartment Pest Control – How to Do Pest Control at Home?

Posted on January 22, 2021 Apartment Pest Control
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Apartment Decoration

It is great to live in an apartment and especially true when you don’t like an independent house. The managing designs in the apartment complex are usually awesome. This design can deal with all issues of the complex without you wasting any cash.

And when you live in such an apartment, then you certainly must be aware of the apartment pest control system. Usually, all apartment complexes must also have pest-control systems installed in them! But, you can also take responsibility in your own hands to find out what is the best way to prevent pest infestation.

You can create systems that solve the issue of how to keep pests out of your house regularly.

This way you learn to create pest control at home instead of using the standard managing systems. Or you can find some issues about how to do pest control at home. Later you can inform them of the management on time to prevent unwanted damages. Also read the apartment maintenance checklist.

In this post, we will offer the top pest control tips in an apartment. Read them along whenever you want here:

How to Do Pest Control at Home

1. Clean the Apartment in-Depth Immediately Within the First Few Days


Most of us do not know who was living inside the apartment before we arrived. Even brand new apartments may have workers or someone using them occasionally. Or worse there may be pests or animals already living inside the apartment. Hence, you don’t realize exactly which pest is living in the apartment. It can be bugs, rats, or birds. The best way here is to do an in-depth cleaning of the apartment. Have an open eye for cracks and leaks. These hide dangerous common bugs found in apartments. Do this cleaning before landing in the apartment. This way the bugs won’t get time to enter your stuff! Please do remember to clean before you land in the apartment to complete the precise apartment pest control. You can also read some monsoon home care tips.

2. Remove the Food Source

Maintain the apartment cleanliness strictly each day. Even one day of lapse can bring ants and bugs. Hide your food inside airtight boxes. Naughty bugs can enter inside places that aren’t covered airtight. Once they enter the places then it is tough to remove them. That is why the food sources must not meet the pests in any way or any place. The ant and the cockroach colony are the greatest threats here. These take over an apartment with ease and multiply in few days to thousands. Now you don’t have to beat about thinking about how to get rid of bugs in the apartment.

Clean the dishes each time. Any lapse between each day’s mealtimes can attract bugs. Flies, gnats, and ants get chemical signals of unwashed dishes much stronger than humans. Hence wash and dry each plate or container of food.

Remove trash cans and empty them. Clean it thoroughly before using them again. You can also checkout the tips for how to compost in an apartment.

3. Kitchen Counters Must be Wiped Clean Each Day


Yes, this is great for the floor, kitchen counters, appliances, as well as sink. Keep them squeaky clean. Try cleaning in-depth for each place we mentioned every week. This habit can be good for your health and eating bug-free food. You can check out some modern kitchen interior design.

4. Look for Any Other Leaks

In any place with leaking water, you can find insects. They love high moisture content to live and multiply. Tiny leaks can offer bugs all the stuff that they need. Such leaking areas are many such as the leaking faucet, small leak in any pipe, as well as crack on the window. The broken window can bring external moisture into the apartment.

Focus on each part of your apartment consistently each week. See if you can find any leaks or moisture-filled areas. Inform the management as soon as you find these leaks. Consider some of the commom apartment plumbing problems.

5. Search for Any Crack

The pests and bugs need some way to enter your home. Without these ways, they cannot come inside. These pests usually enter your home from the tiniest crack and crevices. This crack can be anywhere in the apartment. Or if you leave any window or pet door or door open they can still come in.

Search if the apartment has any gap, hole, crack, or crevice. Check for any passage that the pest would use to enter your apartment.

Look at the window, door, and pipe areas whenever you get time. Inform the managing officer about such a crack in the apartment.

6. Give Proper Order


Any apartment can have dark dingy areas where bugs can hide and multiply. Usually, such places remain undisturbed. We have seen that whenever we ignore some areas of the apartment, that place is likely to inhabit bugs or pests.

The simple way out is to give proper order to the apartment. Maintain neatness and organize each section of the apartment thoroughly without fail. This removes clutter from all places and hence makes daily cleaning easier for you.

Orderly pantries, cabinet, closet, drawer, and the shelf is a must!

After you use paper-made stuff such as the mails, newspaper, magazine and box, and mail they must be thrown away into the trash Use an interactive system with friends to create an order in the apartment. This cleaning can offer more space inside a cramped apartment.

7. Talk to the Roommate or Neighbor

Pest control in apartments requires eyes and hands or many individuals.

In an apartment, you need the support of your neighbors and roommates. You can single handily remove dangerous pests from the entire apartment complex.

Always inform the roommate about the pests and cleaning schedules. Use the power of two or three people instead of just one.

It is better than all of them are on the same page. Ask your neighbor if they had pest issues before you came into the apartment. This useful information can help you to keep systems ready to fight with the right type of pest. Proactively creating pest-control systems is easier than dealing with bigger infestations. You can also read some tips to increase apartment water pressure.

8. Use Good Traps

Traps can be an easy way to deal with vermins. Vermins can spread deadly diseases. Hence, you can always install a good rat trap to trap the animal. In this way, you can humanely remove the rat or mouse without the need to kill them. In the same way, you can install other animal and bird traps to safely remove the creatures.

9. Keep Bed Bugs and other Bugs Away

Bed bugs can enter our apartments after we travel and use the same bags. These travel bags can carry tiny bed bugs from hotels and lodges. Always remember to clean all clothes and bags thoroughly either outside the apartment or in the terrace or balcony area. This way you give less chance for the bugs to enter any crevice in your apartment. Dry these clothes, sheets and bags in sunlight for two to three days. This step can kill most of the adult bed bugs. You may have to individually check with your eyes for eggs and baby bugs. Use any beg-bug repellent on them to kill them. Do the same for any other bugs that travel along with us after travel.

10. Check the Packages

Thoroughly check each package that arrives at your apartment. These packages can carry bugs like cockroaches. Any mail and package can carry any bug in it. That is why you must dispose of unwanted covers of packages and mails after you open them. You can either burn them in a place that is safe for burning or handle them to the recycling department. Also read some apartment trends in Kerala.


Apartment pest control needs constant cleaning and well-laid plans. Although it sounds tough it isn’t that great of a calamity. Moreover, in these health crisis times, we need to ensure proper cleanliness. It could be a matter of life and death. There are tales where pests like bats even spread deadly diseases. Whatever be the issue always inform the managing system in your apartment complex. Check if they are completing their duties properly to remove the pest. Pest control can not just save you but also the others who live next to you.

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