Vertical Gardening -A Brief Guide To Growing More In Less Space
23 Oct-2021

Vertical Gardening -A Brief Guide To Growing More In Less Space

Posted on October 23, 2021 Vertical-gardening
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It is not uncommon for us to grow our vegetables, fruits, and herbs in smaller places. Vertical gardening is the solution if you have larger gardening ambitions than available space.

The goal of vertical gardening is to grow plants vertically by using structures for support. By building a garden that grows up, you can make optimal use of your space by using raised beds, containers or trellises. With vertical gardening, you can enhance any area or even cover an unattractive one.

The new gardening trend of vertical walls is often used to supplement those who do not have enough space for gardens outdoors and indoors. As well as indoor and outdoor gardening techniques, it can also be used as an indoor gardening technique. Those who lack space in their garden are not the only ones who can benefit from vertical gardening. Additionally, you can modify or decorate a wall or structure if you have an unattractive one. Nowadays, interior designers to house owners across the country are benefiting from vertical gardening. There are various providers of Vertical garden Kerala who can convert your Terrace Gardens into Low-cost interior design masterpieces. 

When the technique is successful, we will be able to live close to nature because the structure will be full of flowers, leaves, and fruits. In this type of gardening, the aim is to maximize greenery on as little land as possible. Whether you are living in flats in Calicut Kerala or outside Kerala, adding green plants to your indoor garden can deliver a lot of benefits. 

Vertical garden Kerala: Advantages you should know

There are several advantages to vertical gardening and vertical garden Kerala is a wonderful way to elevate your living space and atmosphere.

  • With a vertical garden in Kerala you can save space and prevent pests from damaging your crops.
  • When you grow vertically, you can easily harvest your vegetables. 
  • A beautiful garden can be created on any unused wall or space. 
  • Whether you build your Vertical garden plants in Kerala inside or outside your home, they promote good air circulation.

Vertical Gardening in Kerala: Understand the Basics

Before you start planting, make sure your garden structure is ready. Provide enough room for the plants you plan to grow in your vertical garden. Use trellises or wall-mounted containers to attach structures to the ground. 

By attaching structures to your vertical garden, you can grow vines, vegetables, herbs, and flowers while acquiring much less space than a traditional garden. Make new rooms in your garden or create secret spaces in your backyard. You might be wondering What plants are suitable for a vertical gardensgarden now. Continue reading to find out more! 

Picking the right Plants for your next Vertical Garden Kerala

As soon as you have your vertical garden structure in place, it is time to decide on the plants you will be growing in it. It is possible to grow almost anything, from herbs and flowers to vegetables and perennials. You should, however, consider their flexibility since these greens are grown vertically. Rather than growing shrubs with rigid wooden stems, you should grow vegetables like tomatoes or bitter gourds in your vertical gardens. 

The next thing to consider is the plant’s growth habits. Choose plants with similar growth requirements. Choose all plants that love the sun or all plants that like the shade. Place a faster-growing plant next to one that takes longer to grow, and the faster-growing plant will stunt the growth of the slower-growing plant.

Plant varieties require different levels of sunlight, so choose your wall accordingly. Choose a wall that which receives a good amount of sunshine if your variety needs much sunlight. We can now choose pots. Plastic or clay pots are both acceptable.

Wood, metal mesh, and PVC pipes can be used for the structure. The use of a PVC pipe is recommended since wood rots after contact with water and metal mesh causes unwanted weight. Build your structure with a 36-inch PVC pipe and four-way joints. Make it easy to take down the structure if we want to by putting it on the wall. For vertical gardening, there are also wood and metal mesh structures.

Vertical gardening is best suited to plants that are easy to take care of if you are using it for the first time. Suitable plants include succulents and money plants. If we use the same varieties, we can reduce the amount of watering required or the amount of fertilizers and pesticides needed. Depending on the variety, fertilizers or pesticides must be used differently.

If you are wondering how to arrange plants in a vertical garden, make sure to maintain a distance between the pots to allow easy irrigation and air circulation.

Best Suited Plants for Vertical Garden in Kerala

We recommend the following greens for your Vertical Garden:

  • You can grow tomatoes by fastening them to stakes. 
  • Sweet Gourd and Bitter Gourd
  • Spaghetti Squash 
  • Long Melon 
  • Peas (Make sure to fix the peas to stakes to give them the support they need.)
  • Green beans (secure them to stakes for the required support)
  • Bottle Gourd   
  • Cucumber
  • Zucchini 
  • The yard-long bean

Vertical gardens grow differently from conventional gardens. Other plants loop themselves around trellis openings, while others need to be physically attached to structures. Because they are exposed to more light and wind, plants grown in a vertical garden need more frequent watering and fertilization.

Common types of Vertical gardens in Kerala

There are several types of vertical gardens. The most common Vertical gardens in Kerala are listed below. 

Structures such as trellises, stakes, fences, hanging baskets, and fences help vertical gardens flourish. Even an existing shed can be turned into a vertical garden by repurposing it.

Growing On Trellis

Using trellis as a vine crop support is a great idea. Fencing or stakes can also serve as trellises for growing vegetables like peas, beans, and cucumber vines. Try to come up with a creative way to support your plants. For air to circulate freely, make sure that there is space between the structure and the wall. 

Vegetables should be harvested frequently in order for the vertical structure to support the vines. With vertical gardens, urban gardeners are able to grow fresh vegetables on a smaller scale, allowing them to reap the benefits of home-grown vegetables without taking up a lot of space.

Water your plants regularly with a drip system or attach a drip irrigation system. If you want, you can also install a Hydroponics system and plant your greens without any worries. It is easy to install these pipes, and you can harvest them at any time, even indoors.

Growing On Shelves

Shelf space allows you to grow different types of vegetables since nearly all vegetables can be grown in containers. If you have enough space, build shelves high enough to allow you to grow different types of vegetables. You can grow spinach and lettuce on your shelves if they thrive easily.  Provide your plants with plenty of sunlight by positioning your shelves accordingly. Although you can use any type of shelf, slat shelves work best. Slat shelves allow water to drip off and air to circulate smoothly.

Growing In Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can be used to grow a variety of vegetables, especially trailing varieties. Herbs like basil, thyme, and oregano look great and thrive in hanging baskets, so consider growing them there. 

Nonetheless, these plants need constant watering since they are prone to drying out. Make sure that the baskets can support the weight of the plants growing in them. In case of need, consider replacing the baskets with more durable containers.

It’s so boring to garden horizontally, flat. Make your garden more interesting by growing vertically. Vertical gardens have numerous benefits, from improving visual interest to maximizing otherwise wasted space. When done correctly, vertical gardens can be spectacular. Vertical gardening provides a lot of visual interest to a space, which is one of the best reasons to try it. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in vertical gardening, there is always room for improvement. Look up on the internet, do your research and unleash your creativity. From a plain wall to a sophisticated space, elevating your free spaces will be a lot easier with vertical garden Kerala. 

Convert your living space into a beautifully green vertical garden with the best green plants and more. Comment your queries on vertical garden Kerala and we can help you clear them out!

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