15 Stylish Modern Sofa Design Ideas For Apartments
25 May-2023

15 Stylish Modern Sofa Design Ideas For Apartments

Posted on May 25, 2023 Modern Sofa Design
by pvs_admin
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While we talk about the must-have furniture for your apartments, sofa design is something you need to include in the checklist. 

Being a furniture item usually in the living area, the sofa is an integral part that lets you chill, sit and have a pleasant time with your guests or family. 

Since sofas perform multiple duties, it’s important to choose a good and best one that defines the appearance of your living room beautifully.

It could be difficult to pick from a plethora of designs that are accessible in the marketplace for your Apartments in Calicut, which range from traditional to modern and chic style designs.

We are here to help you pick the most modern sofa design ideas, which can add to your living room decor, with the most elegant finish serving all your needs and making your life coziest.

Functional Sofa Designs For Living Room

Let’s have a look at the curated list of modern sofa design ideas that can transform your living rooms in your apartments in the most appealing ways.

  1. Wooden sofa design
Modern Sofa Design

Could you remember the heavy wooden sofa design which remained difficult to move while cleaning? 

Wooden sofa set design is still an evergreen choice of the crowd since it has left a long-lasting impact on the minds of families and guests alike. 

Though it has a modern twist in the present, the wooden sofa design is still classy and comes in a lot of sizes and colors in the market. 

Choose a wooden style design that meets your living room requirements, and pair it using various textures and patterns to turn it into an amazing silhouette. 

  1. L-shaped sofa design
Modern Sofa Design

When you have a joint or shared family or have parties often, then the L-shaped sofa is a lifesaver. 

This is a versatile, comfortable, and functional design you can go for, to arrange the gatherings at home with soothing seat arrangements. 

The major advantage of this design is that it suits well for a small living room. 

Grab a three-seater sofa and keep it in the corner of your living room.

It will let you give enough seating space and make the best out of the limited space in your apartment.

  1. U-shaped sofa design
Modern Sofa Design

If you love to have elegant aesthetics and impressive lines in the design, then you can choose your shaped sofa designs.

The Scandinavian U-shaped sofa is an attractive and in-demand sofa design in the current marketplace.

Keep the decor items in a minimal pattern and create a good statement piece, which magnifies the U-shaped sofa design, making it the center of attention. 

  1. Tuxedo-style sofa design
Modern Sofa Design

You might have come across the tuxedo sofa design and its popular geometric shape, patterned lines, etc. 

The tuxedo sofa set has a clean sofa design with a straight sofa back and side arms at the same height.

Most people opt for such designs with cushioned sofa fabric, which comes with a typical buttoned-up design style.

Hence, if you’re up for anything to elevate the timeless finish of your living room, then this is all you can go for.

  1. Sophisticated Leather sofa design
Modern Sofa Design

If you crave a luxurious yet minimalistic taste, then this leather design is going to grab all your heart. 

Leather sofa style never stays out of trend, yet its deep dark color shades like brown, teal, black, etc. add to the richness and luxury of your living room.

Leather sofa is an ideal material that adds its blend with the contemporary and modern styles of your home.

  1. Sectional Sofa Design
Modern Sofa Design

A minimalist sectional sofa not only adds a modern touch to your living room but also magnifies its unique features. 

Chesterfield sofa is a trending family sofa, ideal for big families and people who have huge living rooms. 

This multi-piece luxury modern sofa set design comes with a standard design of 3-5 pieces usually, with the classic pieces having features to join them.

L-shaped and U-shaped designs are highly preferred when it comes to the sectional sofa design style.

Just add some great comfy pillows and cushions to create a great sink-in spot for your sofa sets.

  1. French Cabriole Sofa Design
Modern Sofa Design

The cabriole modern sofa design gives a royal finish to your sofa-style design. It has a curved style back sofa design which is usually wooden and has a wooden frame painted, gilded, or left natural.

This design is prevalent in French countries and for those who need to bring the French vibe to the living room.

If you wish to make things timeless and beautiful, then this design is the best option you can rely on.

  1. Luxury Sectional Design With Velvet Upholstery
Modern Sofa Design

Adding a classy charm to your living room requires a uniquely upholstered sofa. Velvet or burgundy tones can upscale the elegance of your living rooms.

This gives a pop of color which takes your room to a new world of happiness and looks great in the pictures.

Also, deep dark shades of the velvet fabric sofa are an awesome choice you can make to cover the stains.

  1. Knole Modern Sofa Design
Modern Sofa Design

This modern sofa design can transform your living room, with a variety of Knole sofa sets accessible.

You can choose from a plethora of fabrics and colors of Knole designs which fit well to the modern decor with flexible arms and a cushiony sofa back.

  1. Futon Sofa Design 
Modern Sofa Design

The Futon sofa design is a great inclusion to your modern living rooms, which took inspiration from the Japanese bedding design style. 

The futon sofa set suits well for all room sizes with applications in many ways such as a recliner, coach, or conversion into a flatbed.

Combining this sofa design with another sofa set or having a double futon set for a pretty big room is also the best option you can implement. 

  1. Classic Round Arm Sofa
Modern Sofa Design

This is a classic furniture piece and a timeless element of sofa design for the hall you can choose from.

Round arm sofas had floral patterns of upholstery or slipcovers in earlier times.

But, these days, they come with neutral or white linen fabric which makes the texture smoother.

They look and feel calm, cozy, and relaxing, making them easy to maintain.

  1.  Camelback Sofa Design
Modern Sofa Design

If you’re searching for a design that fits your small living room, this sofa set design is the best choice.

This design characterizes an arched back and also has high points on either side.

The sofa set name got inspiration from the hump design which looks similar to a camel back.

The style of sofa design is perfect for a living room when you need to achieve an Arabic-style, interior design.

Hence, if you wish to give a flavor of timeless appearance to your living room, this is a worthy addition, you can use for your interiors.

This modern style develops a classy, stylish, comfortable ambiance to any living room.

  1.  Love Seat Sofa Design
Modern Sofa Design

You might get stuck between a settee and a loveseat.

Though they might appear similar, they have differences to point out. 

A settee design usually suits two to three people, while the loveseat is a single-piece arrangement with no sectionals.

This is one of the most in-demand designs you can choose for the living room sofa styles, with even handmade wooden sofa designs available.

  1. Track Arm sofa design 
Modern Sofa Design

The track arm sofa design is one of the latest and most stylish designs which is popular due to the contemporary vibes they give.

This is a clean design with a neat silhouette, which is also perfect for your small living room, especially in apartments.

Pairing this angular design and straight-cut track arm sofa with a modern sofa cover design can make your living room look awe-inspiring.

  1. Recliner mode sofa design
Modern Sofa Design

Who doesn’t go for a spacious and airy living room design? 

A sofa set design that can keep you comfortable without taking up a lot of space in the living room is always satisfying.

Go for a recliner sofa and see how the sofa cum bed design serves you being a multipurpose sofa set.

Regardless of the space in your living room, the recliner sofa design gives you ease and convenience with excellent seating space. 

Tips to choose a sofa design for your living room

While choosing a stylish modern sofa design for your home, it’s essential to keep certain factors in mind. 

This helps you buy the ideal furniture that has high durability. 

Check the size and shape of your living room on the room where you plan to place the sofa.

Sure that this offer you buy perfectly fits in the accessible space.

Go for a sofa design that blends well with the entire decor theme of your room.

For instance, the color theme or the wall decor theme with light tones goes well with light-colored sofa designs.

Decide on the fabric which fits well with the curtains, accessories, and lighting of your rooms.

If you wish to have a luxurious appearance for the living room, you can choose a velvet sofa while leather sofas are best when you need an easy-to-maintain design.

The Bottom Line

We’ve covered all the best available sofa set designs that would give your apartments a modern yet stylish finish.

Make sure you search for sofa sets with comfort while also keeping them in your budget.

Since apartments have small living spaces, the above-mentioned designs would help you decide on sofa set designs that fit the space well.

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