35 Best Places To Visit In Kozhikode Tourist Places (2022)
23 Feb-2022

35 Places To Visit In Kozhikode (2022) Tourist Places & Things To Do

Posted on February 23, 2022 Kozhikode tourist places
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Kozhikode or Calicut in Kerala, located along the Malabar Coast of India, is a wonderful coastal town, packed with serene beaches, lush green forests, and ancient forts. The Kozhikode tourist places are popular for being rich with the gorgeous backwaters of Kerala and prevail as an amazing destination for the localities and travelers for weekend getaways. The clean and clear beaches of the city are ultimately irresistible. If you are into enjoying the serene nature, natural beauty, and beautiful waterfall range, along with the pristine beaches and religious places, Kozhikode is a complete destination you can choose from in your Kerala tour package. Flats in Calicut have also been the favorite choices for the people who wish to reside in Calicut. 

The city is rich with the Arabian Sea to the west, and the Wayanad Hill ranges and hill station to the east. If you look closely at the historic records, Vasco Da Gama had set his foot in Kozhikode, after which the Spice Route was laid. This is why Calicut was also tagged as the City of Spices. Kozhikode tourist places are also rich with the huge seaport where the traders from China, Africa, and Arabia met at a point of convergence. This rich history itself serves numerous things to be done in Calicut and gives numerous places to visit in Kerala. 

Let’s now have a look at the best tourist places in Kozhikode and their peculiar features: 

Best Tourist Places In Kozhikode

Being a famous city and with so many places to see and roam in Kozhikode, this makes the city popular and memorable with the beauty of nature. Here is the Kozhikode tourist places list, with places you should never miss on your trip to Calicut.

1. Backwaters in Kozhikode

Popular for beholding the cruises using the houseboats, and embracing the enthralling experience, Backwaters in Kozhikode are made with the combined elegance of water from Kallai River, Elathur Kanal, and Cannoly Kanal.

2. Kozhippara Falls

Kozhippara Waterfalls, also known as Kakkadampoyil Waterfall, is situated along the Calicut-Malappuram city divide, on the Kakkadampoyil border. By bestowing a mind-blowing sight, these waterfalls give you access to facilities like swimming, jungle trekking, and bird watching. 

3. Thusharagiri Waterfall

Lying along the Western Ghats of Calicut district situated in Kerala, Thusharagiri falls are cascaded down into three waterfalls. Situated in the tribal village, these falls have got the name which means snow-covered mountains.

4. Thikkodi Light House

Built upon the shipwreck remains, Thikkoti Lighthouse is one of the core attractions of Calicut. The lighthouse is located along a rocky shoreline and is well-known for the aesthetic views it offers along with numerous species of nomadic birds.

5. Beypore

Beypore is a traditional port, undoubtedly one of the ancient ports in Kerala, located in Kozhikode, also known as Vadaparappanad or Vaypura. The renowned ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, tagged the town as Sultan Pattanam. The port is historically popular for trading with the Middle East. Beypore beach is also famous for building dhows (in regional dialects), or wooden ships,  bought by the Arab traders and Merchants to facilitate the trading, however, they are now utilized as tourist ships. The Sumerian ships are also believed to have been constructed in Beypore, where there were direct trade links with Mesopotamia earlier during the time of the Silk Route. 

6. Kakkayam

Kakkayam Dam is located in Kozhikode surrounded by greenery and located at a distance of about 15 km away from the Kakkayam Bus Stop. With the forest office situated at the top, it is required to get permission from the official authorities when you plan to move ahead. There is no permission to carry a camera near the Dam area. Orakkuzhi Waterfalls are located after the dam, and near the location, you can witness various animals, like elephants.

7. Lion’s Park

Lions’ Park is situated next to the Kozhikode beach lighthouse, and the theme-based Children’s amusement park is popular for its exciting rides and vibrant sunset views.

8. Sweet Street 

Popularly named Mittayi Theruvu, Sweet street is a famous hub, to hop on the various fusion of sweets, and remains as the most crowded place, you can shop the sweets and snacks in Kozhikode. The place remains open until 9 pm.

9. Mananchira Square

Mananchira is fed with a scenic shower, a man-made freshwater pond encircled by the complex called Mananchira Square. The pond was created in the early 14th century, which was then a bathing pool for Zamorin Mana Vikrama, the feudal ruler of Kozhikode. In 1994, Mananchira Square was opened, whereas previously it was called Mananchira Maidan, popular for hosting football and various other matches.

10. Elathur

Elathur is a small village with scenic beauty and is surrounded by a lake on one end and a river on the other end. If you are a seafood lover, then this place is your paradise, where you will be served with perfect seafood, toddy, and freshwater fish to fulfill the beach-like experience.

11. Kanjirapuzha

The tributary of the mighty Chaliyar River, Kanjirapuza is the serene water body flowing along the rocky terrain of Vellari Mala. The water body comprises major attractions like gorgeous waterfalls and brooks at several points of your journey, which is a splendid visual treat.

12. Peruvannamuzhi Dam

Peruvannamuzhi Dam is Situated 60 km away from Kozhikode, and enclosed by lush greenery. The reservoir also offers a wide variety of boat rides and a speed boat ride along the garden called ‘Smaraka Thottam’ which is built with the memory of freedom fighters.

13. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

This bird sanctuary is popular for the variety of freshwater fishes, 100’s species of migratory birds, and various other animal species enclosed by scenic views of beautiful green surroundings.

14. Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode has this beautiful beach famous for the awesome sunset views, along with the depiction of the colonial era with the lighthouse and olden bridge spans, 200+ years old.

15. Pazhassi Raja Museum

Located on East Hill, Pazhassi Raja Museum has been named after the great ruler Pazhassi Raja Kerala Varma belonging to the Kottayam Royal Family. The museum also has various archeological remains such as ancient paintings, umbrella stones, antique bronzes, etc.

16. Kappad Beach

The Kappad beach or Kappakadavu is the popular beach which Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama discovered on 20th May 1948., whose voyage commenced from Europe to India, through the sea route. The presence of European merchant businesses, ruled by the East India Company, and British colonial rule, had been the result of these activities.

17. Mishkal Palli Mosque

Believed to be built around 700+ years ago at Kuttichira, the mosque was named after the renowned Nakhooda Mishkal. The Arab Merchant established the mosque and doesn’t possess any minarets, which makes the mosque unique.

18. HiLite Mall

The HiLite mall is located on the Palazhi Bypass along the Malabar region of Kozhikode, which is the largest mall in North Kerala. Being the second-largest mall in the state, the mall spans over a perfect spot with an area of  1,400,000 sq. ft.

19. Sargaalaya Kerala Arts & Crafts Village

The village is located along the gorgeous backwaters of Iringal near Vadakara, in Calicut at the lap of nature. The initiative has been launched by the Department of Tourism in Kerala.

20. Regional Science Centre & Planetarium

Located in JafferKhan Colony, the Regional Science Centre and Planetarium spans over 4000 sq.m.land area and aims at propelling science. Calicut Planetarium is well known for its contribution towards the growing science.

21. Canoli Canal

Elathur Kallai Canal or Canoli Canal was earlier commissioned by R. Connolly, the former Collector, Malabar. Canoli canal construction was completed in 1848 and until 1950, it remained a port with busy trading processes.

22. Kallai River

Kalai River, once being the depiction of the former era of Timber trade, is the area with the second-largest source of timber trading in Asia, ranked after Japan.

22. Tali Temple

Tali temple is one of the ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in Kozhikode.  The temple has five religious ceremonies performed daily, and the Malayalam New Year is the ideal time to visit this temple.

23. Art Gallery

The Museum is your ideal paradise if you are a Raja Ravi Varma fan. Indian-themed paintings, contemporary art, canvas painting, ancient portrait, and European Art form an excellent combination in the Art Gallery.

24. Payyoli

Payyoli is another significant village, famous for the beach and Trikkottur Perumalpuram Temple situated nearby, which is completely devoted to Lord Shiva.

25. Muchundi Palli 

Being a 13th-century mosque, Muchundi Palli is enriched with beautiful wooden carved ceilings and double tiled roofs along with temple-style architecture. The mosque is also called Sheikh Zainuddin Makhdoom II mosque, the author of Tuhafat Ul Mujahideen, the popular book. 

26. Focus Mall 

Focus mall is located in the heart of Kozhikode city, with a span of 250000 square feet. The five floored mall operates with advanced techniques to offer an ultimate experience to the customers.

27. Lokanarkavu Temple 

The well-known Hindu Temple and rich heritage resource, Lokanarkavu Temple is situated at Memunda in Kozhikode. The name of the temple is derived from Lokamalayarkavu. In which Lokam means the world, Mala means mountain, and Kavu means grove, in Malayalam.

28. Azhakodi Devi Temple 

The temple is situated in the heart of Kozhikode, in Thiruthiyadu, also called Azhakodi Devi Mahakshethram, which is one of the most renowned and traditional Devi temples. The deity worshiped here is Bhadrakali in a calm disposition.

29. Valayanad Temple 

Sree Valayanad Devi Temple, located at Valayanad in Kozhikode,  is devoted to Goddess Bhagavathi i.e., Goddess Parvathy. The temple is believed to have been constructed around the 14th century by Zamorins and has versatile architecture.

30. Sarovaram Bio Park

Sarovaram Bio Park is Located in Kottooli and taken up by the Government to nurture and protect the thick mangrove forests, dense forest range, and wetlands. Situated close to the Cannoly Canal, this bio reserve has been built with an eco-friendly notion.

31. Indian Business Museum 

The museum was inaugurated in 2013, with more than 23000 sq. feet, and is located in Kozhikode district. The museum aims at safeguarding the rich business history and portraying the business journey of the nation over these years.

32. Parappally Beach

The beach is located 27 km from Kozhikode and prevails as the ideal local beach attraction. Lined with palm trees and the rich golden sandy shores, the beach gives you a visual treat in the evening with an orange sunset. 

33. Mananchira Lake

Mananchira Lake is a man-made freshwater lake located at the heart of Kozhikode city in Kerala, spread over 3.49 acres. The lake is pampered by a natural spring, which was first a bathing pool for Zamorin Mana Vikrama, an ancient famous ruler. 


KIRTADS, or Kerala Institute for Research, Training, and Development of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, located in Kozhikode is a museum that portrays the tribal lives that prevailed in Kerala. Krishna Menon Museum, named after V.K. Krishna Menon, a renowned political figure.

Best Time To Visit Kozhikode

Kozhikode is a popular attraction of Kerala, with historical monuments, stunning views that offer the best tourist attractions, along with pleasant weather. This list of Must-visit places can let you understand the beautiful blend of lake & backwater, artificial lake, adventurous activities, and the wildlife sanctuaries making your visits as wildlife enthusiasts worthwhile. The best time you can visit Kozhikode is October to March. This time gives you the benefits of habitable weather, compared to the other times. 

It is better not to visit during the monsoon season since the rainy season is intense and brings heavy rainfall which can hinder your tourist activities or plans. The Winter season is ideal to visit Calicut. 

The Calicut International Airport, Mananchira Square, and the City Center attractions,  have made Calicut the best destination for making your Kerala tour magical. National Parks, the fishing harbor, ancient monuments, and many other attractive destinations – Kozhikode located places are ideal to visit at least once in your lifetime, and worth your time. 

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