Vastu Tips for Welcoming Positive Energy in Flats in Kannur
22 May-2024

Vastu Tips for Welcoming Positive Energy in Flats in Kannur

Posted on May 22, 2024 Vastu Tips for Welcoming Positive Energy in Flats in Kannur
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Are you excited about moving into your new home but concerned about creating the right energy? Your home is your sanctuary, and it is essential to ensure it is filled with positivity. The sacred energies that flow inside directly affect your health, wealth, and emotional well-being. In recent times, the top residential areas in Kannur have seen a growing demand for flats, making them a popular choice for many homebuyers. If you’re concerned about how to adhere to Vastu principles in a flat, we have some valuable Vastu tips for welcoming positive energy in flats in Kannur to ensure your new home fosters a harmonious and prosperous environment.


Vastu Tips for Welcoming Positive Energy in Flats in Kannur

This is the doorway through which energies enter your home. Ideally, the door should face east, north, or northeast. Place sacred symbols, such as hanging bells, torans, or nameplates, on or just outside the door. Pastel shades, white, or shades of green and sky blue are the ideal colours. 

Living Room

Check if the room has been built to the north, northeast, or northwest.

Square or rectangular furniture is ideal for the living room; If you have heavy furniture, place it in the south or south-west side. Hang paintings depicting nature, sacred objects, or paintings. Avoid red, black, and other dark colours for the walls; Yellow, blue, tan, and green are considered the best. Artificial or dried flowers are considered inauspicious, and best avoided. 


Vastu Tips for Welcoming Positive Energy in Flats in Kannur

Your bedroom should be comfortable and promote good sleep. Keep your bed in the south, west, or southwestern part of the room so that your head points there. Avoid placing mirrors in front of the bed, as they tend to deplete personal energy. Pastel shades of green, blue, rose, and yellow or white are ideal for the walls, and you can also hang paintings of beautiful landscapes. Avoid keeping computers and TVs in your room; if unavoidable, switch them off an hour prior to bedtime.


You may not think that Vastu needs to be used here, but if not properly done, this area can drain energy from the home. Ideally, bathrooms should be in the northwest section of the houses and should feature neutral or earthy colours. Bathroom walls should not be shared with the kitchen, pooja room, or your bed. Water outlets should ideally be in the east, north, or northeast areas of the bathroom.


Vastu Tips for Welcoming Positive Energy in Flats in Kannur

This is the abode of Agni, and Vastu is critical in the kitchen. Everything in it must comply with the fiery Agni element. It should ideally be in the southeastern part of the house, and you should ideally face west while cooking. Ensure your stove and utensils are organized accordingly. The sink should be in the northeastern part so that it doesn’t clash with the fire element. Orange, white, green, yellow, pink, and brown are compliant colours.

Pooja Room

This is where auspicious energy abounds, and the Vastu is the most important for this area. The room should ideally be in the north, east, or northeast part of your house. Your murtis should be placed a little above the ground and away from the wall for unhindered airflow. If possible, create a pyramid-shaped roof for the room, as this harnesses positivity. Use soft pastel colours for the walls. All lamps should face southeast. 

Additional Tip

Vastu Tips for Welcoming Positive Energy in Flats in Kannur

Keep your home free of clutter as it brings negative energy. Be sure to throw away broken items – lights, clocks etc. Proper lighting and ventilation is essential for positivity and welcoming vibes.


Vastu Tips for Welcoming Positive Energy in Flats in Kannur are essential considerations when searching for a new home. Ensuring that flats in Kannur adhere to Vastu principles can significantly enhance the living experience, promoting harmony and positivity within the space. Vastu-compliant apartments often boast superior construction quality and modern amenities, fostering a balanced environment conducive to well-being. It’s crucial to engage with reputed builders in Kannur who prioritize Vastu compliance and uphold transparency in their dealings, ensuring a secure investment and a home that supports prosperity and emotional well-being.

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Why is Vastu important for flats in Kannur?

Vastu Shastra helps create a living environment that promotes harmony, well-being, and positive energy flow. Following Vastu principles can enhance your health, wealth, and emotional stability, making it especially beneficial for flats in Kannur.

What are some Vastu tips for the entrance of a flat in Kannur?

Ensure the entrance faces east, north, or northeast. Decorate with sacred symbols like hanging bells or torans, and use pastel shades, white, or green and sky blue for a welcoming and positive energy flow.

How can Vastu be applied to the living room of a flat?

Position the living room to the north, northeast, or northwest. Use square or rectangular furniture, placing heavy pieces in the south or southwest. Choose wall colours like yellow, blue, tan, and green, and avoid red and black. Decorate with paintings of nature or sacred objects, and avoid artificial or dried flowers.

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